Monday, November 12, 2012

The big-fat 366 update

I am so behind on my 366 project. I've been taking pictures, just not processing, labeling and/or posting. So, here is my big update. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to put these into a book at the end of the year. Not to mention how proud I am that I actually kept up (at least somewhat) with something for a whole year. Booyah.

 Whew. And that, my friends, is the big-giant-catch-up-on-a-picture-a-day-post. You are welcome.


  1. are you going to use a specific company to make your book at the end of the year. I might have to do a 365 next year....I like the idea of a book each year of the little daily remembrances...
    I feel like time is slipping {into the future ;) } my kids are just getting so grown up and on days like today when parenting is just hard and I go to bed feeling as if I've just barked and fussed all day, I want to remember the little moments!

  2. I always love it when you post these pictures. There are so many things that we can all be thankful for each and every day. Your little photos are reminders of those.

  3. You are amazing. Your pictures are fantastic & tell the whole story :)

    I love the "serving time" ... they have such mischevious smiles :)

  4. I love seeing all your pics! And storybook bible time... beyond adorable! I love it! And bubble bath cracked me up!


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