Friday, November 30, 2012

Blueprint 58 and Hearts for the Holidays

I just re-wrote that title like seven times. I was determined not to just type "update" and call it a day. Because this post IS an update; however, I might have already sixty-seven posts with that title (because I'm very creative), so I figured it's time to switch things up a little.

Anyways, a big thank-you to everyone who has already contributed to our baskets for the babies/kids in the cicu at CHOA. It means so so much to us to be able to honor Caden and the community that surrounded him by doing this. And one of our wonderful nurses left this comment on my post about our baskets this year: "We were just talking tonight about how much the families (and nurses) appreciated your gifts last year! Being in the hospital on Christmas is so difficult for our families here, and knowing that so many people are praying for them and thinking of them really makes a difference." These baskets make a difference, and they are by no means just from us - we consider them a gift from this community of believers and non-believers and heart-mamas and babies and friends and family. And it is beautiful. For realz.

Anyways, we are planning on delivering the baskets on December 21st, so if you still want to contribute in any way, let me know and we can coordinate with you! Also, I wanted to share some pictures of the baskets and goodies we delivered last year so you could get a better idea of just how generous and amazing y'all are, and what a difference these could make for a family stuck in the cicu for the holidays.

A few more house-keeping things for you:
Most of you probably already know this, but Adam and I started a non-profit mentoring program about 2 years ago. Finally, we upgraded our website and the fabulous Evenpar Solutions  helped us design and get it up and running. They were so wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend them. Anyways, if you want to know more about what we do in our neighborhood, or how to get involved, or how to support us etc, visit our website!
Also, we are working on getting mentors matched up with kids from our local elementary school for the new year. If you live in Atlanta, and would be interested in mentoring, I'd love to chat with you! You can learn more about mentoring on our website too, as well as download the mentor application and get started in the process. We believe pretty strongly in mentoring, and the boys we mentor are like family to us. The most surprising part of the whole thing, for me, is just how much they continue to change and grow us every day. We are way more lucky to have them than they are to have us!

You can also stay connected with what's going on with Blueprint 58 by liking our Facebook page (please?) There you can see pictures of cool things like Zack and Adam and my dad watching the Falcons-Saints game in a box with George Rogers, along with his Heisman trophy and Superbowl ring. No big deal.
Have I mentioned y'all are the best? For realz.

Quick recap:
*Want to help with our baskets for babies in the cicu at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta this Christmas? Leave a comment or email me (Becca1612 at hotmail dot com). Also, if you left a comment on the post: Hearts for the Holidays 2012, I responded to the comments directly on the post because I couldnt track down everyone's email addresses etc, so be sure to check back there!

*Check out our new website for Blueprint 58 (the non-profit mentoring program we run in our neighborhood). Also, like the Blueprint 58 facebook page.

*Finally, if you're interested in mentoring a child from our neighborhood - PLEASE let me know - We need at least 23 mentors by January (again, comment here or email me at Becca1612 at hotmail dot com). You can find out more information about what it means to be a mentor on our website.


  1. Did you get my e-mail about the Starbucks gift cards? Just let me know how to get them to you. Thanks!

    1. I am not sure if I got it? Anyways, if you dont mind emailing me again - I'll send you my address! :-) thanks! You can also send them to the Blueprint 58 PO box (on the blueprint website THANKS SO MUCH! :-)

  2. I just love all that you do! I wish I could be more like you. :)


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