Monday, October 22, 2012

Reading - Day 20

Some things I've read the past few days that have stirred my soul and heart. I have given myself space, and continue to fight to find space, to read things that make me think and make me pray and draw me closer to the Father's heart. And I love sharing good things with y'all, because you deserve it. Cause you rock. You know that, right?

As a side note, I ask the kiddos (and my own children) this all the time: you know I love you right? I especially love when the teenage boys duck their heads and tell me yes tentatively before hugging me tight and running out in the street to play basketball or throw the football or listen to who-knows-what in their headphones.
Her posts are always some of my favorites. Always.

These two posts? Ridiculously heart-shaking and thought-provoking. And brought many a moment that made me want to shout "exactly!" Which is really cool, and another reason all the teenage boys in the neighborhood love hanging out with me.

I adore everything my most-amazing friend Shannan writes. But this one? Especially my favorite.

Oh and this post? Seriously, perfect for me and my "margin" obsessed month and also my busy-crazy life.

If you're a parent (or want to be one day) I highly recommend listening to this sermon. Loved it. Also? That's exactly, 100% what I long to do and why I NEED margins -because I want to parent on purpose and not by default.

And without margin and space to think and pray and make wise decisions, without margin things are done by default. And I think we are meant to live our lives on purpose and with purpose.

What have you read and loved this week?

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