Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Margins: Family Day (day 29)

One way that we have attempted, since the beginning of moving into this neighborhood to do ministry, to maintain a little bit of margin is through establishing a "family day." Every Monday we spend the day as a family, and when kids knock on the door I simply raise my eyebrows at them and ask: "what day is it today?"

"AH MAN!" Everyone around here hates family days!" is how one kid responded to me this week. Which made me smile a little, so I winked and hugged him and reminded him to come back tomorrow. Not that they need reminding.

Because our weekends are basically full of kiddos and bringing neighborhood kids to church and having "family game night" and playing cards or football or having a bonfire with kids, we decided to take Mondays as a "weekend" of sorts. It also turned into "cleaning day," which I originally vehemently opposed because THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY OFF - I DONT WANNA CLEAN (no, I am not whiny and over-dramatic, why?) Cleaning, however, happens much more easily around here when it's scheduled and forced upon me without interruption.
We try to do fun family activities and/or family dinners. We will spend time with other family/friends, but no "work" (aka no extra kiddos).

I'd really like to try and be more intention with my Monday time, possibly even doing my Monday cleaning tasks on Sunday afternoon/evening to give me more time to take a "sabbath" on Mondays. But, overall, I've been really happy with the way Mondays give us some focused time where Jayci and Caden get undivided attention and a reminder that they are our children and we love them deeply.

(Today, we went to the zoo for family day with some friends. It was frigid, making it not as fun as I hoped . . . but at least we had some family time, right?!)


  1. I just sighed to Cory on Sunday night while we were climbing into bed exhausted, "We have no Sabbath." That's what happens when you take neighbor kids to church and do the jail run.

    When can I sit in sweatpants with you and talk all day long??? I need it.

  2. We went to the ATL Zoo one time. It was freezing then too. All the fun animals were sitting inside by the fire. We got to see our first pandas though. :)


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