Monday, October 22, 2012

Margin and listening to wise friends (Day 22)

First of all, I recognize that I've been a little spotty with my posting "every day" lately. I apologize for that; however, y'all know I'm working on letting myself break the "rules" in order to gain a little margin. So thank you all for being so gracious and loving and forgiving. You rock.

Anyways, a wise and amazing friend sent me an email this week that I cant stop thinking about in how it relates to margins in my life. So I'm just popping in really quickly today to share what I've been pondering and hope that you might be able to look at your own lives and margin (or lack-thereof) and sit before Jesus alongside me.
 I don't know, but perhaps when you're feeling robbed of joy and feel like quitting it's because you've taken on something He hasn't asked of you -- whether in actuality or just mentally.  Because I'm confident He didn't call you to the city to change the city (He doesn't need you for that).  He called you to change you.  To give you life more abundantly.  So if life feels like less, maybe it's time to sit quietly before the Lord and open your hands and let Him show you if somehow your mind or heart has gotten distracted or side-tracked or muddled or has just forgotten that He is enough just as He is. 


  1. What a wonderful friend you have that can speak such beautiful and truthful words to you. This has given me something to think on. Thanks.

  2. Oh girl. As I read this, Mumford and Sons' "I Will Wait" was on. And mercy, it was a moment. Thank you.

  3. We are called to change ourselves...wise powerful words.

  4. i linked your blog on mine and then freaked out (exaggeration) that i was supposed to ask permission first, like a cited resource? ha. i don't know anything about blog etiquette.

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