Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Margin and letting friends help (Day 9)

If you happened to visit this little blog yesterday, you might have noticed this note:
"Hey all you Stanley Clan friends! The blog is currently under construction. Please come back later to see it all fancy and stuff.

Maddie @ Thriftary"

I'm happy to say that my amazing friend Maddie has given the blog a facelift. And guess what y'all? I do web design for, like, MY JOB. Which means I totally could have done this myself (well maybe not as cool). However, I'm (slowly) learning that one way I can get myself some more margin is by letting my amazing friends with awesome skillz help out with things like re-designing blogs.

By the way, if you haven't visited Maddie's blog, Thriftary, yet, you simply must. Seriously, she is the coolest/cutest thing. And she and her hubby have chickens too. Except that she does things like feed them while wearing thrifted skirt and cute head-wrap. Meanwhile, I see my chickens come towards me and I run screaming calmly back into the house. 

But really, look how cute she is - it's not even fair. Also, I love her blog. Like really super-duper LOVE it.
I also love all the fancy new upgrades and stuff she gave my blog. So be sure to look around, and read about us and our family and our ministry. She also made some fabulous buttons you can add to your own blog, as well as links to my most favorite labels/posts/what-not.

Thanks Maddie - and cheers to creating margin by letting friends help!


  1. Wow. She did a beautiful job. How fun!!! I am glad to say you BOTH are my friends. Such creativity is inspiring. Love you guys!!

  2. Love the new look! I'm seriously needing to do the same thing soon! (Also, loving the margin posts!)

  3. She is cute. I picture myself in that scenario and I see myself looking way different. Maybe running!

  4. I love love love love this! I need to find someone to redesign my blog at some point! I'm praying hard for you and your little family this morning!

  5. Oh my goodness. I adore it! So very much!

    Becca, I'm going to contact Maggie about redesigning my blog.

  6. No way! Seriously, I think we are meant to be friends - if only via the interwebz for now. Maddie and I are friends from college. Crazy small world. New blog looks great!!


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