Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Lately: Instagram and football

Don't worry everyone, Adam is totally planning on posting for you this week. But in the meantime, I thought I'd pop in with a quick 366 and Stanley-life update.

I've been doing my best, somewhat unsuccessfully, to keep up with my 366 project. Thankfully, I have instagram (my user name is Becca1612), which is really the only reason I dont only have about 2 pictures in September so far. It's so much easier to pull out my phone than my giant, heavy camera. I just need some fresh inspiration. And also more time. Any ideas on those fronts?
This past weekend, we got together with new friends, and Zack spent the weekend with us. Jayci said: "mama, I wish Zacky-Zack would never go home." Also, Caden hung onto him like a spider-monkey for at good thirty minutes when he first got here. When Caden wouldn't stop crying in his bed at night, Zack told us it was probably because he knew he was here and just wanted to see his Zack.

On Saturday, we brought a few boys to watch college football on my parent's TV in 3D, which is fancy and slightly mind-blowing. Then we also watched the UGA game on their big TV that night. Oh how I love college football. Sunday was pancake breakfast, church, then flag football practice. In other words, our weekend was dominated by football in various forms.
As far as life around here lately, things are as fun and crazy and busy as usual. I came to the realization (finally, right?) that I HAVE to start taking better care of myself or else I will never have any patience with my poor children by the time bedtime rolls around. As it stands, Jayci is having a delightful (sarcasm) week behavior-wise, and Caden has a cold and decided to stop sleeping again. Plus, Adam is coaching a flag football team for a large number of neighborhood boys, so that takes up at least 2 of his nights leaving me to put the kids to bed solo. Just so y'all know, I dont do so well in accomplishing tasks such as bed-time sans Adam. Despite my being obviously a fountain of constant joy and peace and patience. Or sadly, not at all these days.

But about this flag-football team: It has been SO fun to meet lots of new boys, who have sort have been coming out of the wood-works to join our team. I mean it when I say that I love having new teenagers on the front porch, particularly because that means they are playing football rather than stealing cars or getting shot. Also please note: this does not in any way mean I'm equipped or prepared for my own children to be teenagers. If anything, it just ups my level of terror in that regard.

In other news, Caden is basically walking at this point. It's not all the time, but he can put a whole string of steps together and as soon as he conquers his desire to achieve speed by dropping down to a crawl, he will be a walker for sure. I'm determined to catch it on video, but we all know how well Caden performs for the video camera, since you still haven't heard him say "uh-oh" with his British accent.


  1. Those family photos of y'all? So, so gorgeous. Frame 'em now!

    I cannot even fathom football in 3D. My hubs would freak out!

  2. Love all the photos!
    For inspiration, I love to visit the photography section of Pinterest...SO much inspiration!

    And TV in 3D?! Oh my word. That has to be the craziest thing ever. I just am picturing Dora or something like that in 3D...YIKES.

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    Football in 3D? Wow! I can hear my 9 year old right now shouting, "Can I watch wrestling in 3D?"

  4. All these pictures are so good, but my favorite is the wedding rehearsal picture. It is so good of all of you! That's a true miracle right there getting four people to look that good in one pic! ;) Sorry I've been so bad about commenting, I do read your posts, but dang kids don't let me do much more than that :)

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