Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Butterfly Birthday Party

As soon as Jayci requested a butterfly birthday party, I quickly agreed, happy to celebrate with anything that wasn't princesses for once. She also requested beach balls, crafts, music, and chocolate cake. We complied, and celebrated our sweet little four year old girl exactly how she wanted, surrounded by her friends and family and "big brothers" (yes plural, look closely and see who showed up for the party!)

Also, I literally threaded the balloons with needle and thread in order to hang them (an idea I believe I originally saw via Pinterest). It wasn't hard to thread. It was hard, however, to hang and keep untangled and such. However, I think they looked pretty awesome, so yay pinterest.

I told you Jayci requested beach balls. Go big or go home right?
Another fabulous and oh-so-delicious cake created by Adam. He said that he just wanted to make my sister (a pastry chef in Amsterdam) proud. Well that from-scratch chocolate cake with buttercream icing with just a little homemade strawberry jam mixed in . . . I'd say it might do the trick, what do you think Emma?
All the little girls got their own butterfly wings when they arrived.
There were three well-organized craft tables set up outside, which I failed to capture on camera. Which is unfortunate considering how proud I was of how organized those things were, complete with instructions and labeled ziploc bags. What? Who am I?

I did, however, capture some of the finished creations. Cute right?
 There was a "create your own" kids mix for the kids. It was fun to see what they chose to put in their mix . . . most of them wanted goldfish and raisins and cereal. Jayci loves Craisins and animal crackers so her mix contained lots of those too!
Look who decided he likes cake now? Smart boy.
There was a large butterfly pinata which I also did a poor job adequately photographing. Which is probably because Adam was hoisting it via a large rope onto the highest possible tree branch, using his truck to pull it, just minutes before guests arrived. It was an impressive process really.
The kids, surprisingly, weren't having much luck busting open the pinata with the soft Dora bat, so we had Zack step in and he hit it once with a large stick and that did the trick.
Overall, it was (as usual) chaotic and fun and full of life and love and celebrating our sweet little girl turning four! Also, if she could slow down with all the growing up, that would be great. Sigh.


  1. Great party, great photos! Please for your next birthday, message me early and I will make you some decorated cookies and ship them to you... NO CHARGE!

  2. Sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Love every bit of this!

    Look at the layers on that cake... I just gained 3 lbs...

    I love the make your own mix... that's smart! great for the holidays!!!

  4. You are a party planning QUEEN. I'd hire you for Iris' 3rd birthday if you lived up here. : )

  5. Wow, Momma, way to go!!! Love all the butterfly touches and even CRAFTS!! Seriously, too cool!

  6. Can you plan and decorate for Claire's birthday next year?!?! :) So pretty! I love it!

  7. Love it!!! You did a great job! Totally impressed! Also, those are the two cutest kids EVER. Jayci looks so sweet and those pictures of Caden and the cake nearly killed me from cuteness overload. :)


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