Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Glamour Magazine and a 10 year reunion

Since I always do a stellar job of planning ahead (read, sarcasm), I threw Caden's birthday party on the same day as my ten year high school reunion. If I'm honest, I completely forgot about the reunion until I had already sent out the invitations for the party. And then I refused to believe it had actually been ten years since I graduated high school. Alas, it has been ten years, and our reunion was the same day as the party. Which would be totally fine except I was all frazzled and my hair was all frizzy as a result of the smashed plates and sprinkling rain. Thankfully, Adam and I both went to the same high school so he knew everyone too, meaning I wasn't primarily responsible for all the small talk. It ended up being a wonderful time, and a great chance to hug some necks of some of the wonderful people who reconnected with us while Caden was in the hospital to pray, love on, and support us. My sweet friends who threw the reunion asked me to bring along my camera and snap some pictures. Unfortunately, however, I failed to take any pictures that I was actually a part of. A fact which is particularly unfortunate since I forced my little sister to dress me and she assured me that I looked "cool." I did, after all, wear a denim vest.

Did I mention that I went to high school with some pretty people? Apparently, they are also immune to the aging effects of 10 years.
 I do have this one picture I took with my phone, fancy I know.
After the reunion, we met up with two other couples from high school for dinner. However, this isn't the best picture because it was mostly dark at that point since Adam and I went to the wrong restaurant first. Typical.

The day after the reunion, guess what showed up on newsstands everywhere?
 That's right, it's Glamour Magazine and there I am on the cover. Oh wait, that's actually Victoria Beckham. But seriously, I'm on page 184. Let me tell you, it's weird to flip through a magazine and stumble upon my own face. And y'all, I'm totally wrinkling my nose. I guess it wouldn't be me if I didn't.

 It was truly an honor to see my face next to these other inspiring, beautiful woman. And thanks to each and every one of you who encouraged me, believed in me, and voted for me! Have I mentioned that y'all are the best?! Oh and if you have the magazine, you can be all technologically-savvy and scan that facebook symbol on the page to see a behind-the-scenes video, in which I talk about how I felt very fancy because I had a personal stylist. Plus, the video includes another picture of me doing a major nose-wrinkle smile with a sweet little girl at summer camp 6 years ago. The nose wrinkle refuses to die, obviously.

You can also nominate someone else for next year's Best of You with Sally Hansen and Glamour Magazine.


  1. How very neat and I think you look gorgeous in all the photos!

  2. It was so good seeing you, but was so brief!! You did look "cool", great actually!

  3. You are my favorite star. I still have to get a copy, and when I do I promise to show everyone in line around me the picture of YOU!

  4. I so have to buy that magazine!

  5. You're famous!!! I'm going to have to get a copy of that magazine! :)


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