Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Pictures, and this week on the blog

Ok y'all, so I have a plethora of STUFF I'm trying to get up here on the bloggy.
1 - Caden's first bday letter, which I cant seem to get through writing without some serious tears and blubbery-ugly-cry.
2 - Glamour magazine -- it's on newsstands ya'll! And there's a pretty SA-WEET behind-the-scenes video which includes me talking about how I feel very "fancy" with my stylist. It's possible I'm a little bit lame. Whatever.
3 - Ten year high school reunion. The thing is, I'm not sure when I managed to get so stinkin' old.
4 - Caden's first birthday celebration recap and pictures and such. I might have gone overboard y'all, just a little.

For now, however, I wanted to share the pictures my sweet friend Megan (of the fantastic Meg Davidson Photography) took for our family. I love them. And I love her and could not be more grateful to her for using her artistic talents to give such a gift to our family. 
My people make me happy. Also, I realize I didn't do a very good "narrowing down" the pictures to a few favorites. Turns out that narrowing down has never been my strong suit.


  1. Oh those pictures are just TOO precious! Love all the ones of you guys laughing so much! And those baby eyes on your children are just darling :)

  2. Those pictures are stunning!!! Doesn't hurt to have such beautiful people to photograph!!

  3. These pictures are so fantastic! Every single one. Beautiful family!
    P.S. love your hair!

  4. Ahh, these are such great, beautiful pics!! They capture such fun and love! You look so pretty, as always, and your hair is so cute! I cannot believe sweet Caden is one year old!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE each and EVERY one!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. AMAZING pictures my friend!! What a beautiful family you have!

  7. The one of y'all on the couch would be awesome blown up really big!

  8. Beautiful! And I was the freak who ran right over to Walgreens after work to look up a Glamour magazine! haha :)

  9. Oh my goodness, stop it!! All of you are too cute. Love every single one of these!

  10. Meg did a great job! These are awesome times one thousand.

  11. Oh my gosh, Becca.

    I saw these photos when you first posted them earlier in the week and I had tears and chills.

    Your family is beautiful and amazing. Seeing Zack's happy face and Caden's heart surgery scars and Jayci's sweet smile and you and Adam together. It is everything that is good.


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