Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Indiana Road Trip

I'm just not sure what possesses us to do things sometimes. This past weekend, for instance, we packed up the van and drove the whole family, along with Zack, some dear friends and 4 girls from our neighborhood, all the way to Indiana. And then on Monday, we drove back. Which was about 24 hours worth of driving for two days spent at our friends' parents place. With lots of teenagers, and four little ones. So, in other words, it was fun and exhausting, and also slightly full of the drama and hormones that is inherent in teenagers and moms of young children. I should probably unpack at some point, but I cannot think of much else besides the fact that Caden turns ONE on Friday. What in the world?

Jayci was clearly delighted to spend so much time with her BFF. They are basically teenage mean girls, it's ridiculous. We are working on it though. Pray for us.
So my camera battery died mid-trip, so I dont have more pictures to commemorate this momentous event, but we did have our own olympics. Complete with synchronized swimming, featuring the fantastic duo of Adam and Zack. See the above image if you want to imagine their routine. My teammate and I were "team Canada." But unfortunately, I believe we came in dead last. I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm not the most athletic person ever. My apologies to my teammate and my country. Sigh. 

On that note, we also spent large amounts of time watching the olympics. And there is nothing that makes me feel better about myself as an athlete and a person than sitting on the couch while eating cheese dip and watching these incredibly talented young folks who have worked their butts off for all their lives.

The good thing is that Zack has decided to become an olympic athlete. I mean, just look at this athleticism, seriously.
This is one of my favorite expressions of Caden's. Ever. Also, when he drops things now he says "uh oh." Which is especially cute because he sounds like he is saying it with a British accent. I have been desperately trying to capture it on video for y'all, but every time I bust out the video camera or even my phone, he just stares at me while I say "uh oh" over and and over in an attempt to get him to say it. I hate it when I'm outsmarted by an almost-one-year-old.
The whole group before getting in the car for the 10 hour trip back home. My hair has never looked better, obviously.


  1. I can just imagine how much fun you had! Awesome!

  2. WHAT? I mean, WHAT????? What part of Indiana? Just shut your mouth if it was in the Northern half and I didn't see you.

  3. I'm like Flower Patch Farmgirl = but opposite... if you were in SOUTHERN Indiana, i'm going to be mad at you!!! :)

  4. All those people fit in your van?

  5. That a LOT of people in one van!! I am so very impressed that you are still alive to tell us about it!! Sure hope you are able to 'outsmart' your almost one year old and get us that video! Loved the dancing one you took awhile back!!

  6. And I shall represent Central Indiana. Who knew so many of your fans were Hoosiers? Lucky for you, we were on vacation, so I won't be mad at you if you were around here.


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