Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In the home stretch

We have been at camp for nearly seven weeks now. And y'all, I am straight exhausted. We have been staying in one bedroom (all four of us), loving on kiddos, disciplining wayward children (our own and campers), singing, walking, running, dancing, jumping, swimming . . . we go home for the weekends (well we bring kids home saturday at noon and then come back monday morning). I wish I could say that was a time of rest, but really it consists of kiddos knocking on the door, excited we are home. Also, it involves lots of phone calls and visiting our own families, and walking around the neighborhood to check on kids we are supposed to bring to camp the next week. . . .

Oh and have I mentioned I'm an introvert and I dont think I've been alone for the past six weeks. I am soul-tired. I love ministry, love camp, love the kiddos. But this week is teen week and it started off with one of the kids we brought starting a fight and needing to be sent home. And I'm emotionally and physically drained.

All that to say, I'm sorry I havent been around. I know my sisters and all the grandparents are starving for updates. I know I havent sent proper thank-you notes for everyone who has helped get our kiddos here. I know I'm not being patient or loving or kind. I havent talked to Adam, havent sat down to drink a cup of coffee and dig into the Word. I haven't eaten cheese dip and drank diet coke, haven't chatted with my best friend, havent skyped my sister . . . Not to mention that Caden is now 11 months old and still hasnt slept through the night, not even once. Sigh.

So please accept my apologies, and know that I'm probably going to need some time to rest and recover. I appreciate and am blessed by your prayers and notes and checking in on me. Y'all are the best.


  1. Camp is such a crazy busy time! I remember.
    Thank you for shining your light..even when you want to hide it.
    I am so sad about your sleepless baby wonder. I can't even imagine.

  2. Hang in there!! We do 2 weeks of camp each summer, and even though Camp is my favorite place in the world, I think 7 weeks would be too much of a good thing! I'm sure you're exhausted. I'll be praying you have stength for the rest of the summer...and that Caden sleeps! He may not be a great sleeper, but he sure is a cutie.

  3. Shoot, just one week of Lighthouse (pretty much like camp) wore me out. I cannot even imagine seven straight weeks with two little ones. You are Wonder Woman! And you DO need some alone time,rest time, recharge and refill time when you get home. Praying that God will make a sweet spot of refreshment for you soon... xoxox...

  4. I am praying for you and all the kids at camp.
    Hope Caden starts sleeping, I will be praying for that too.

  5. Although I know so many love and look forward to your blog, you certainly have a very good reason for not being able to update it as often as you might like to... you and your husband are doing amazing work that is surely changing the way many of the kids will look at their futures. (Oh, and by the way... How funny/ironic is it that you choose something as giving and open as a ministry as a true introvert!) God has a great sense of humor, doesn't He?? Good luck with baby Caden.. don't know WHAT will make that baby sleep!

  6. Despite all the unimaginable exhaustion, you look amazing :) Pink is a great color on you!

  7. I have to agree with one of the other comments that you do look amazing for someone who is so tired. Hang in there. Like you said you are in the home stretch!

    Maybe Caden will decide to sleep all night once you are home and settled back in. Wishful thinking?

  8. Love your updates, as usual Becca. Yours and Adam's work is amazing... and I agree - you look amazing!

  9. Bless your heart! Rest will come soon (for you and Caden). Love the camp pictures!

  10. just reading about it all makes me tired! you are changing these kids' lives, one at a time, and that is so awesome. you look fabulous! hot pink is your color!


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