Monday, May 21, 2012

Haircuts, Feeding Therapy, Etc.

I literally cannot believe how quickly weekends fly by. It's Monday again, and Adam's already at camp. Training started this weekend and he left on Friday. I stayed home this week because Jayci still has school, Caden has feeding therapy stuff, and I felt bad leaving our roomie here by herself after the crazy shooting incident, and also our baby chickens are coming in the mail. Oh, did I mention we're getting chickens? In the mail? We're bringing them with us to camp in the "brooder" Adam made. I seriously don't even know what that means, but Adam does. And our agreement was that if we get chickens (because I strongly dislike all birds), he would take care of everything.
Our weekend was busy as usual. I was the second-shooter for a wedding on Saturday all day, got home at 1am and then slept like a log until 10am when one of the kiddos knocked on the door to see if I was taking them to church (no, because remember mother's day? the kiddos were atrociously behaved at church and I refused to take them next week as punishment. So there). Thank Jesus for my mother-in-law taking the babies and helping me get the best night sleep I've had in 9 months. Which is good because last night it was back to getting up with Caden every hour from 2am on. Sigh.

Before Adam left for camp last week, he visited the boy who was shot in the hospital. He is doing well and has been discharged. It turns out he was hit in the shin, and they had to replace the larger bone in his lower leg with a rod because the bone was shattered (ouch). Anyways, he told Adam he had just been wanting someone to come sit with him, which made me cry a little all over again. Things in our neighborhood have been surprisingly quiet, and despite being a little jumpy for a few days, I have settled into everything feeling normal again.
Without Adam around this week, things have been a different kind of normal I suppose. We've been hanging out with the kiddos, but mostly on the front porch (kids don't come inside unless there's two adults home). Danielle and I have spent most of our nights playing cards with the boys on the front porch, peppered with me running in to go pat Caden til he falls back asleep before waking Jayci up. On one of my treks inside, I noticed a GINORMOUS cockroach on the wall in my bedroom. I panicked a little because, if you recall, Adam isn't home. So I told the boys and begged them to rescue me, and three of them came inside armed with a shoe, a broom, a plastic cup, and a wad of paper towels. One of them used the broom to knock the cockroach off the wall, and then much high-pitched squealing ensued when it FLEW onto me.  Let's just say you definitely would have thought it was a bunch of middle school girls helping me rather than boys. So much for them rescuing me. I ended up using a shoe to smush the cockroach myself, good riddance.

I forgot to tell y'all this last week, but my roommate cut my hair again. Having a hairdresser living with me has definitely gotten me out of my hair rut. Last week, Danielle needed a "hair model" for a class-thing they were doing at her salon. When I inquired as to what they were going to do to my hair, her reply was "I'm not sure," which is always reassuring. I'm really an ideal hair model though because I don't actually care very much and I'm pretty much up for anything because hair will grow right? Plus, I know where she lives so I can totally force her to fix anything I dont like. So I agreed reluctantly as soon as she reminded me that lunch was provided and I would get a kid-free afternoon. I watched the "instructor" go around and add layers and trims and small changes to all the other hair model's hair. I breathed a sigh of relief, sipped my diet coke, and waited for him to get to me. When he did, he told Danielle that we were cool and hip and he wanted her to cut out underneath my hair so it's an inch of my scalp. I tried to explain that he was over-estimating how "cool," I was, and even thought that maybe I should take him out to see my minivan to prove my point. I also told him that the kiddos wouldn't be afraid to tell me that I looked stupid, they would probably delight in it actually.
But he was insistent, and I am not good at standing up for myself so I just went with it. And I actually really like how it turned out. But dont look underneath my hair because it's SUPER short under there (which is why it doesn't look HUGE and frizzy when it's short, I have a LOT of hair normally). So now I have a snazzy new haircut, which I cannot put into a ponytail. Which will be interesting when I go to camp next week. We shall see, y'all. Because I'm STILL not cool, even with cool hair. And I'm ok with it.

So next week, we're all off to camp and the kiddos start arriving the week after that. We'd love for y'all to keep praying for our neighborhood, the kiddos, and our family. LOTS of our kiddos will be moving out this summer, so I feel like maybe when we get back we will have all new kids to get to know. Caden has another feeding specialist appointment next week, and I feel like he was doing a little better for a while and now he wont even eat a single bite of anything. He's scooting all over and getting more and more mobile, which means he's less exhausting in that he doesnt have to be in my arms 100% of the time, but more exhausting in that he gets in to everything. EVERYTHING.


  1. I love your cool new hair : )
    I LOVE your ever present company.
    I love your kids.
    I don't like that you get up every single hour all night.
    That makes me actually cry a little.

    Thank you for spreading Jesus light.
    Lots and lots and lots of love,

    PS You are the coolest girl I know. For real.

  2. I love your new hair cute. super cute.
    I am praying you get some sleep this week.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.
    Love, Hannah

  3. Your hair is so cute! It's very Nashville-hipster ;)

    (Speaking of not cool...I realized how not cool I am when we moved there. And I'm okay with that, too).

  4. Love the hair!! I want chickens!!!

  5. you and your hair look so cute! love the work you and hubby do. the cockroach story, cracked me up, I would have screaming too! ;)


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