Monday, April 16, 2012

I just dont see how they can make me any MORE glamorous

Tomorrow we leave for New York. Admittedly, I should probably be packing for myself or the children, or perhaps crossing off at least one of two of the million things I need to do before we leave for the airport in the morning. However, I have been dying to tell y'all about all the glamor in my life. In fact, I probably don't even need a makeover before the photo shoot this week (please note sarcasm here).

Earlier this week, I sat on the front porch holding Caden (the usual), watching Jayci play with some of the neighborhood kiddos. Blowing bubbles, twirling, dancing, laughing in green grass, the glorious sunshine warming their shoulders. My phone trilled, and it was Glamour Magazine (no big deal). They were trying to figure out some details regarding our NY trip, and getting us the money for our ministry. Caden craned and grabbed for the phone, desperate to put it in his mouth, and I reminded Jayci continually to SHARE her bubbles throughout our conversation. A group of teenage boys (probably young high school I'd guess) sauntered by, I waved while chatting distractedly on the phone, although I didn't recognize any of them. Before I knew it, the boys were play-fighting, one of  them pinned up against our fence while two other boys pretended to hit him and call him inappropriate names. I politely asked Glamour Magazine to hold on a minute and then asked them to stop because my 3 year old cant really tell the difference between play-fighting and actual-fighting. They laughed and walked away, although they quickly returned, pinning the boy against our fence again while ACTUALLY hitting him this time. The kids gaped, Jayci cried quietly, and Caden tried to eat the phone. I may or may not have hung up on Glamour Magazine while yelling at them to stop, contemplating whether or not I should try to break up the fight, and what to do with Caden . . . Thankfully, our neighbors came to my rescue and broke up the boys while I comforted Jayci and then called Glamour Magazine back and apologized for hanging up on them. During my apology, Jayci fell down two stairs and began screaming loudly, leading me to stammer a hasty apology to Glamour Magazine before hanging up on them again. I'm pretty this scenario probably happens to Angelina Jolie when she's interviewed by Glamour Magazine as well.

Unfortunately, I forgot about this incident for a minute and got caught up in the vanity of the whole thing and decided for a second that it would be a good idea to get a spray tan before I went. Let's just say I don't look awesome. I left the tanning place with instructions not to sweat, the pressure of said instructions causing me to immediately break out in a sweat. So now I look like Ross, except with some splotches where my color is gone because I got too sweaty. Sigh.
This morning when I stared in the mirror while I was brushing my teeth, I felt myself spiraling thinking about my orange, splotchy skin and the extra 10 pounds I'm still carrying around since Caden's birth. And then I remembered: The way I look is NOT why y'all voted for me. In fact, I'm still not even sure why you guys voted for me, but I'm hoping it's because I do my best to be faithful to follow Jesus. And hopefully because in some small way my obedience, however reluctant or faltering, might inspire you to take big steps of faith too. Because I'm "just a mom," and I spend most of my day changing diapers, worrying about my kids, dealing with tantrums, and carrying a fussy baby who refuses to sleep in his crib. Because the things we do that seem "inspiring" are really just ordinary steps, small choices to say "yes" to Jesus' leading in our lives. And that means that every single one of us is capable of extraordinary acts of courage and bravery, simply because as Mother Teresa points out: "We can do no great things, only small things with great love."So today while I mother my kids and strive to be a good neighbor and friend, I will concentrate on my inner beauty rather than my external appearance. Because "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised" (Prov 31:30). And tomorrow, when I go to New York without children, I will do my best to remember that my heart for Jesus is far more attractive than any perfect tan will ever be, because it is a beauty that lasts forever and that rescues those who are perishing. I am praying that my life will always be a fragrant offering, whether I'm sitting here building blocks with Jayci, giving Caden a bottle, breaking up fights on our street, offering hugs and pancakes before church to the neighborhood kiddos, or getting pampered in New York.

Thanks again to all of YOU for inspiring me to keep following Jesus, for continuing to be brave and obedient, and for giving us the chance to get away and go to New York. I will try and document every single detail for y'all. If you dont already, you might want to follow me on Twitter  for better updates and behind the scenes looks at my glamorous life.


  1. I don't twitter, so I will be anxiously awaiting your return to hear all about it on your blog! Have FUN, relax, and enjoy this certainly deserve it!

  2. Extra ten pounds? Are you kidding me? I think you look SO fantastic and beautiful. Even when your hair is messy. Even when you have baby drool on you. Even when you are dropping phones and or children. You are beautiful Becca. I hope you have the most incredible time. I sort of would LOVE for you to look just like ROSS after your makeover though. That would be something pretty fantastic! ; )

  3. Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing and have a great trip! nY could use the Jesus that you are bringing through your love and surrender. Keep shinning!

  4. We voted for you to go because you just need some pampering... Beautiful is already on your list of descriptions... inside & out! Now go have fun... streaked tan & all :)

  5. Becca, you are an inspiration, a blessing, and an encouragement in so many ways - and that really does add up to TRUE glamor. If this trip is half as awesome and encouraging as you are, it'll be incredible. Blessings as you go!

  6. Love your blog, love your ministry...wish I was half as glamorous as you are before you go to NYC..

  7. I am so excited for you! Have a great time and we can't wait to see your glamorous look! Show America how mom's do it! :)

  8. Love you, girl! So excited for you!!

  9. My first thought about you going to NY sans kiddos get to SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG!!! That in itself is going to make you feel so glamorous! :)

    Like everyone else already said, you are beautiful both inside and out and you are such an inspiration to so many of us. You totally deserve this and that is why I voted for you. I can't wait to read all about the trip!!!

    P.S. Sitting in the bathtub and scrubbing really hard at bad spots of a spray tan helps it fade! I may or may not know that from a Ross-like experience! :)

    Have tons of fun!!!


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