Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Going on with the Stanley Clan

1-My baby sister (Emma) is moving to Amsterdam on Friday. Yup, Amsterdam, as in Europe. I'm super sad about it, and so is Jayci. She's been spending extra time with her "auntie em" to make up for the next year she won't see her. They had a really fun sleepover together a few days ago, and I got a text from Emma that said: "I think I gave her too much sugar and now she wont sleep." Ha, I guess that's what aunts are for! Tomorrow night, we're going to PushStart for a goodbye dinner, and then Thursday we're having mani/pedi and lunch with the girls. And other than that, I'm just pretending that it's not happening, ok?
2 - Today, we bought a minivan. We are taking a trip to Florida next week for spring break, and Zack is coming along (and hopefully Sabo too), which means - no room in the 4runner for everyone! So we bit the bullet and bought a van. We traded our 4runner, and I was a little nostalgic and surprisingly sad to see it go. I'm thinking it was mourning the loss of my cool-factor. Oh who are we kidding? I was never cool.
3 - I already told y'all this in bullet point #2, but we're going to Florida next week. I'm only hoping that we might possibly get a few hours of sleep, relaxation, and maybe I'll be able to read a few books? I'm not feeling VERY hopeful though because Caden has been EXTRA fussy the last few days, and he's never been fussy before. Seriously, he never cries and now he is never happy unless we're holding him. I miss my happy happy boy. I also miss vacations that exclusively involve sleeping and reading and laying in the sun. Although the beach with a 7 month old, 3 year old and two teenage boys? That's a whole different kind of fun. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.
4 - On that note, I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful, heartfelt, wonderful, wise ideas and suggestions and prayers and encouragements. I'm at a loss as to where to even start right now, but I'm praying for wisdom and I cant tell you how much it means to me that y'all are standing with me and carrying me with your kindness and prayers. Sigh. Y'all are the best.
5 - Adam and his dad finally got to hang our barn door! Adam's dad made it, and we were blessed to get a track from an actual old barn door which is mucho cool.
 6 - We are going to make Caden an appointment to see an occupational and physical therapist when we get back from Florida. He is having some issues with eating that the doctor thinks we should address. And I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but I would appreciate your continued prayers, know that I will keep you updated!


  1. your kids are gorgeous.

    have so much fun on your trip! i truly hope you get some rest sweet girl.

    i just read your last post and my heart breaks for you. i can't imagine how tired you must be. can you separate the two of them for a few nights? maybe put him in a pack and play in your room and let him do some crying (obviously not get too worked up)? just a thought.. hope y'all figure something out.

  2. I hope your trip turns out to be very, very fun. I am a little worried about the sleeping but I will pray fiercely that it works out and you all have a sensational time. I remember your trip last year.

  3. Praying your trip is restful beyond your wildest dreams. LOVE the barn door. And that pic of your littles on the swing? Perfection.

  4. Good Morning! Not sure where in Florida you are going but I'm 1 1/2 hours from Panama City or Destin. If you need a baby sitter for a little while or dinner out or just a good long nap, I am available on weekends for the next two... You got my email...

  5. Even though we barely know each other, if you want to talk to someone about speech/occupational/physical therapy I would love to chat:) I am an SLP in an elementary school, but I've dealt a lot with occupational and physical therapy with some of my kiddos at school. I know it can be totally overwhelming, so if you just have questions or want to know what to expect feel free to give me a call (my cell is 229-251-8235). Hope that helps!

  6. You have my prayers about the possible OT and PT needs. They can be hard pills to swallow.

  7. Barn door looks great! Love the sewing machine table next to it, too. Random: Trent sang at a church tonight and I held a little girl that could be Caden's twin! Hope you have fun and *restful* trip =)

  8. I just went back and read your last post since somehow I missed it. I'm praying for you! Bless your heart!! I don't have any good advice for the sleeping thing, but know I'll be praying for you!

    I hope you have a great trip! Maybe by some wild stretch you'll get some good rest in. :)

    Love the pics!!

  9. I missed your last post too. Sorry! :( Poor everyone! Praying that gets better soon!

    Love the barn door and of course the amazing pics of your gorgeous little ones.

    For the fussiness.....have you taken him to the ped to get checked out just to make sure nothing else is going on that might explain it? Not to stick my big honking nose where it doesn't belong but it might be worth it to have someone take a look at him before you travel to Florida. Just to be safe.

  10. Ugh, sorry to hear the feeding issues continue. It has GOT to be a heart baby thing. Just wish it would all go away once their hearts start feeling better!!

    My Ruby continues to fight during eating, I don't know what it is. She purses her lips like I'm feeding her beets or something.

    Hope the OT can find a solution to help!


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