Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Things I Needed to Hear (Read)

These helped and challenged and spoke to my heart this week, so maybe they will do the same for yours.

Momastery - Needs and Gifts
"A few years ago, I was feeling a little empty. Empty because I had three babies, and my littlest wasn’t sleeping, and I felt angry and exhausted all day and then I felt guilty for feeling angry and exhausted instead of grateful for my blessings. Because I knew that children were supposed to make me feel full, but I didn’t really understand that theory completely since it seemed I was always giving, giving, giving to the point at which there was nothing left. Empty. Not a lot of time or space to fill up. . . . "

The Journey - Enough
"You were enough to atone for this ugly sin that wanted to separate. You are enough to fill in the gaps, fill all my holes, make up my lack. My flesh screams, “I can’t go on, I don’t have enough! Not enough strength, not enough patience, not enough…” And I wouldn’t, but I have You. And in You, I have enough and more than enough, Father of abundance, Giver of endless blessings. . . "

Urban Faith - Walking While Black
"So, how could Trayvon Martin’s tragic slaying last month in Florida not break my heart, trouble my soul, and compel me to action? How can it be that, a month later, his shooter has not even been charged with a crime? How can it be that we live in a country that we fight to defend, but where the taking of our sons’ lives does not even warrant their killers’ arrest? How can it be that this child’s life was taken simply because he was walking while black? How can this be the America that I love?"

Sarah Bessey - Evangelical Hero Complex
"I'm pretty sure that there aren't actually any big things for God. There are only small things being done, over and over, with great love, as Mother Theresa said. With great faith. With great obedience. With great joy or suffering or wrestling or forgiving on a daily completely non-sexy basis. And grace covers all of it and God makes something beautiful out of our dust. "

From the Unpaved Road - When You Hit The Wall

"How far simple kindness can go when you have crash landed after your best efforts.  Sometimes it is not the super spiritual we need most.  Sometimes we just need someone to offer to hold our fragile state with gentleness, speak softly and offer a cup of tea along with a listening ear.  I am so grateful for the friends in my life who handle my fragile days with care… and my bad hair days with grace, ruffled feathers all included therein."


  1. Thank you for sharing these things. Turns out, I needed to hear them, too!

  2. I like you a lot. Just wanted you to know.


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