Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some Stuff . . .

Also, I didn't take any pictures. It's like I don't even know who I am. I did, however, snap these two quick ones after church when we went out for lunch with my family.

2 -My kids both love to laugh. Which makes me happy.
 3 - The other day we had this gorgeous fantastic weather. So we dragged out our blanket and lay in the sun reading books. The sun was warm on my back while I read A Severe Mercy, and Jayci looked at Goldilocks, and Caden chewed on "Ten Tiny Tickles." Basically, it was perfection. Until I got too hot and I remembered it was only February and I didn't know how I was going to survive the summer.

4 - I dont know if I mentioned that my friend Danielle is living with us right now (she's a hairdresser). As a result, my hair has been more colors in the past few months than it has been in my entire life. Right now it's got red in it. Jayci's response? "Red is NOT my favorite color mommy."

5 - Mornings when Adam gets up with Jayci are some of my favorite times ever. I lay with my smiling boy in bed, and the sun streams through the blinds and makes my whole day bright. It's good for my soul. Particularly after a rough night like last night when Caden was up at LEAST once every hour. Sigh.


  1. Once every hour....
    maybe I should rethink my wish for a baby.

  2. Love the pics!

    And I like the red. It's sassy! :)

  3. Are you liking a Severe Mercy? I love, love the picture of you cuddling your two cuties! Lately I've been praying alot about sleep in your house. Some day this too shall pass. But in the meantime I am praying for endurance, rest, patience, peace, and a calm heart. Love you!

  4. great pictures & your hair is awesome.

  5. i wish that i could still pull off red. somehow i don't think it would jive with my librarian day job ;) and i SO feel ya on this hot in february weather. the panhandle of florida is gonna be h.o.t. this summer and i'm not sure i'm happy about that.

  6. Cute pics!! I love the red in your hair. I had some red streaks in mine a few months back.

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