Friday, February 10, 2012

Good News from the Cardiologist (and more)

 Yesterday, we took Caden back to the cardiologist for the first time in six months. I was, admittedly, nervous. And the doctor didn't make it any better by telling us right off the bat that his murmur sounded quite harsh and he also now had a "thrill," meaning you could feel the murmur when you laid your hand over his heart. He said we needed to do an echo to find out more. Once they looked at the echo, however (which Caden handled like a champ), they said that his valve had a noisy murmur but that the function still looked good. And the left ventricle (the one they were worried about because it was thickened)? He said it looked "peppy" now! Hooray for Caden's peppy heart! The doctor said he thinks it will be a few years until Caden's next surgery, and that we don't have to go back to the cardiologist for 9 months. That means he will be over a year old before we see the cardiologist again - that is crazy! I left the appointment feeling so overwhelmed, once again, by the goodness of our God, and the gift of our son. Thanks so much for all your prayers! (sorry for the over-abundance of exclamation points. I feel this is exclamation-point-worthy-news)

It's still CHD awareness week, and I wanted to point y'all to some good stuff around the web that you guys can explore, read, share etc. And again, I wish I had more adequate words to thank each and every one of you for continuing to walk this journey and celebrate the Lord's faithfulness with us!

-Our Pinterest Board has nearly 200 stories on it right now. Warning: you might want to grab some kleenex as you shed tears over broken hearts, some of which have been healed, others who are still fighting, and some who lost their battle with CHD. THEY are why we must continue to fight for awareness and funding. These heart babies (and kids and grown-ups) and some of the bravest, most beautiful people I know.

-Visit my friend Stefanie's blog for some amazing stories and links and videos and more. I have shed quite a few tears reading her posts and hearing some more heart baby stories.

-Loved this.

My sweet fellow heart mom Tara shared some more information about pulse oximetry:
What can you do?  Follow this link to view your state and the person in charge of advocacy for getting a bill passed.  See how you can help.  Secondly, if you are expecting, or know someone who is expecting, tell them to ASK FOR THE TEST when their child is born.  In fact, there is a printable brochure you can find here, that you can bring to your doctor and talk to them about it.

It’s all about learning and being an educated advocate for your child!  You can find more information on pulse oximetry on these websites:

Oh and here's the update from my 365 project. You'll notice one day is conspicuously missing. Oops.
(Some amazing people brought us some amazing goodies today. I am continually blown away by God's encouragement and provision for us. We are blessed by y'all!)


  1. What great news : )
    Thank you for sharing Becca Becca Bo Becca!

  2. What a beautiful update. And YAY for Caden's peppy heart!!! Oh gosh..I love that.. xo

  3. I can't over how great this news is! Hooray for Caden! We love you guys and are so proud of your sweet son.

  4. The hard at work pic totally made me crack up. Love, love, LOVE it!!

    Logan has had a thrill for quite some a couple of years now. We just know that it is a sign that his murmur is louder and things have to be watched a bit more. I used to get rally upset about it because this is the second time around that we have experienced thrills. Will be praying that you guys don't have to worry about surgeries or interventions anytime soon.

    Thanks for sharing the link to my blog!

  5. yay for a great check up!!!

    amazing pictures as usual :)

    ps: i miss you :(

  6. Great news! Yay for Caden! And I LOVE all the pics! Such beautiful sweethearts you have!

    Thanks for including my blog!

  7. So thankful for his awesome checkup! I know how scary each one is! Pretty sure he couldn't get ANY cuter and neither could Jayci! (PS have I told you my niece's name is Jacy too, obviously spelled differently). Sorry I've failed to comment lately, but I def prayed so much for Caden's appointment!


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