Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vague goals for the new year

I believe in new beginnings and fresh starts. So I make resolutions every year, even though they're really more like "vague goals" and I usually don't accomplish them. But that's ok because it only makes me more thankful for grace. Right?

This year of in-betweens is going to be somewhat of a fresh start for us. We're finally settled (a little) into a (no-routine-at-all) routine which involves large amounts of chaos. But now it's the chaos we signed up for when we decided to become inner-city missionaries, so to speak.

To make this year one of celebrating and recognizing every single choice we make as important and even holy, we've set a few goals for ourselves. Beginning with (what else?) losing that last little bit of baby weight. You see, I very quickly lost all my baby weight with Caden. Like a few weeks quickly. But I have spent the last two months putting at least ten pounds back on, and I know it's a result of my food choices. I went from stress because Caden was in the hospital that made me not care about food or want to eat at all ever, to stress because he was home and our lives are crazy and Jayci is three which is way worse than two. And apparently that particular brand of stress makes me eat. A lot.

So Adam and I decided we had a serious sugar problem. Like every night we said "we need something delicious." And we would. Milkshakes, sour patch kids, cookies, cakes . . . you name it, we ate it. Starting January 1st, we made the commitment to cut out ALL sugar for two weeks. This means we cannot add sugar to anything or eat anything with any sugar added already(we're still eating fruit). Can I tell you that I have regretted this decision at least four hundred or so times in the last few days? All I want is a nice big coffee with yummy flavored creamer and whipped cream on top. Or maybe a delicious chickfila milkshake. Or at least some sour patch watermelons.

Today, Adam made hot chocolate with marshmallows on top for all the kiddos who were over playing cards. Because he is apparently a glutton for punishment. But don't worry, he made us some sort of juice concoction that involved carrots and spinach. Totally just as good. Or not.

I am also determined that this year we will work on getting Jayci's behavior under control. Now I'm not saying we're going to be a whole lot stricter or take any drastic measures or anything, we just need to be consistent. Because Adam and I are good at grace and not so good at follow-through. So consistency with our boundaries and discipline is the name of the game for us this year. And also we need to somehow get Caden to sleep. Because currently he will only sleep for 15 minutes at a time in our arms. The minute we put him down (and yes we've tried putting him to bed awake) his little eyes pop open and he either cries or grins at us until we give in and pick him up. And I realize that, right there, is our problem (we always give in) but I'm just not comfortable letting him cry it out (not that we did that with Jayci anyways for more than a few minutes at a time) . . . Maybe I'm just destined to have children that won't sleep. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I can't think straight at this point (I blame the 2 children that won't sleep).

 Another vague goal I've set for this year is "read more." I LOVE reading and it's one thing that gets pushed aside in the craziness that is our lives.  But I think maybe taking a little time for myself and reading a good book for a little while every day or every few days might be good for my soul.

And speaking of good for the soul, I'm also determined to spend more time with Jesus. When Caden was in the hospital, I could barely go a few hours without opening my Bible. I read verses over Caden, prayed verses for our family and other families facing sick children in the hospital, prayed a LOT and cried and worshiped often . . . But since we've been home that same stress that has led me to eat lots of sweet food has managed to distract me from the sweetest food of all. The living Bread that satisfies those deepest hungers. So I'm telling y'all, and you can hold me accountable. I will spend time with Jesus, because I cannot do this without Him. Cannot, in fact, do anything without Him. And unfortunately that is easier to remember when things are desperate. However, it is no less true every single day.

Did y'all write resolutions this year? Any suggestions for me on any of my vague goals? (Besides writing more concrete goals with numbers and such . . . that's probably not going to happen). I'm praying for each of you that you will know what a blessing you have been to our family in 2011, and I'm so excited to see where God takes all of us in 2012!


  1. I like your goals. I know you can accomplish them! : )

  2. "...we need something delicious..." made me laugh.

  3. ha, I love the "we need something delicious!" We say the same thing, like every night because after our 2 kids are sleeping it's like we just ran a marathon! (we have a 3.5 year old ((and yes 3 is soooo much harder then 2)) and an 11 month old) We just started a sort of ghetto looking behavior chart and so far so good because we need consistency also! Good luck to you and us this new year!

  4. You are so funny! We are EXACTLY the same at night with the deliciousness that is necessary right before bedtime. And boy can my pants tell! I doubt I could even convince Justin to be on board with the no sugar for two weeks trial y'all are doing, but I should try. It sure would be easier if he was on board!

    I'm with you on the Bible part too. It's so easy to let Jesus slide to the side when life is "good." It's bad. Really bad. It's crazy how he's so "present" and so "needed" when things are tough. Things get better and I get way worse at calling on him. I'm definitely going to add that to my list of goals for the new year too! Thank you for that reminder.

    Good luck! And oh, the sleepless children...bless your heart! Yikes!


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