Friday, January 13, 2012

Our house this year

Y'all know that for virtually the entirety of 2011, we were homeless. Ok that's not true, we HAD a house but it wasn't liveable and Adam, along with his dad, was busily busting it up and rebuilding it so we could live in the former crack-house. We lived with family and friends for a year. And it was beautiful and hard and lovely and terrible all at once. But 2012 brings with it some fresh starts in our new house. Granted, we've been here for a good 5 months now, but things with Caden kept us from finishing all the things we left unfinished before moving in. And we are just beginning to have the ability to move forward with finishing those things. Maybe.

I wrote a nice list on our chalkboard message center of our house goals for the year, in hopes that Adam might read them and get to work on them. Oh I kid, I just liked crossing off "gallery wall in Jayci's room." Unfortunately, one or more of the kiddos discovered the chalkboard and here's what our list looks like now. Lovely, but not exactly helpful in the house goals arena.
So I've decided to document our goals here. Again, in hopes that Adam will read it and finish stuff for me, while I sip hot chocolate and eat sour patch kids (now that sugar is BACK baby! Only in moderation now, of course. ha). 
I will also say that I have absolutely no illusions of creating a perfect home. We are messy people, and we like to live in our home. Plus it's usually full of rambunctious children. But I do, however, enjoy creating a beautiful space, and hope that it helps the kiddos see what a "home" can look like. Without further ado (finally, geez), here are our 2012 home goals:

1- Finish our master bathroom vanity. This one is squarely on Adam and his dad, so I'm trying not to be impatient. But they're using these plans if you're interested.
2- Paint chalkboard wall in Jayci's room. Then add bedskirts and window shades and call it finished. Oh and hang the cute mobile I'm determined to make. 
3 - Hang a door on our linen closet. It's currently door-less, and messy. And I firmly believe it is contributing strongly to the generally cluttered feeling of our home.
4 - Figure out a solution to the COATS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND SHOES TOO issue. Some sort of entry-way-hanging-things (hooks, coat rack etc).
5 - Office/organize/workspace. Both Adam and I both work from home. Unfortunately, as of right now we don't have an extra room to use as an office. So I need to figure out a solution for this problem as well. Because it's disastrously unorganized currently.
6 - We desperately, DESPERATELY need a BIG dining table and more chairs. Two of our 4 dining chairs broke, leaving us with 2 nice chairs at our small pedestal table. We also have two folding bamboo chairs, which are broken on the bottoms, but bring our chair count to 5. Did I mention that we have 4 adults and 2 kids living in our household currently? Plus many many kiddos who would like to sit around our tiny table and play games? So we need to solve this issue asap.
7 - We need more seating in our living room. Again with the too-few-seats-for-too-many-people thing.
8 - Get rid of this armoire in our master bedroom (it's beautiful, but too big and we NEVER use it for the tv inside. on that note, if you're interested in buying it - shoot me an email!) Get another dresser instead, and build or make something to store/hang/display my jewelry so I might actually wear it. (I was too lazy to go close that drawer when I was taking pictures) . . .
9 - Hang our barn door. This will allow us to close off our bedroom, bathroom, and Jayci's room from the rest of the house and hopefully give us a little more breathing room with a space of our own that is kiddo-less.
10 - I feel as though there are more goals but this is getting ridiculous. How do we have so much to do still?! But don't worry, we are totally still completely enjoying our house in the meantime and not stressing at all over what's undone. And that's all that really matters, right?

We also have some pretty major outside goals for our house (which I mentioned involve chickens and vegetable gardens) . . . but I'll save those for another day.

Also, thanks again for all your votes for the Glamour/Sally Hansen Best of You contest. I have no idea if I'm in first or last place as of now . . . but voting continues until February 13th, so I really appreciate y'all spreading the word!


  1. Too bad we live so far away. We'd snatch that armoire up in a second! All your goals seem very do-able. At least you're being realistic about them all. :)

  2. Just wondering how much you asking tor the armour.

  3. You are such a great decorator. Your house looks beautiful.

  4. is there anything you can do with that armoire to make it work in any of your other areas? take the doors off? add hooks? add shelves? I'm just tossing ideas out here in case you can't unload it or find another piece of furniture that suits.

    and you're on pinterest, right? b/c i searched "entryway" the other day and have pretty much our whole entry way planned OUT, lol. i love being able to search for areas of the house and find lots of cool [and usually inexpensive] ideas.

    anyway, let me know if you need help with researching! :)

  5. I voted again. lol with a different email address. I kind of love that armoire too. Sadly, we need a huge armoire for our tiny TINY apartment. You are doing some awesome stuff over there..

  6. Hey :-) I couldn't figure out how to email you, but we're asking $150 - it's a beautiful solid wood and quite large armoire - I can get dimensions if you want! :-) it's antiqued black finish.

  7. Too bad its not cherry or I would take it off your hands. I love it, but its a little darker than we need. Thanks anyway! I'll pass the info on to some other people. We live in Cobb County, so not far from you!

  8. Love your home goals! I need to post mine so maybe they actually get accomplished! :)

    What about using the armoire for your office? For one of you, of course! I've seen people make some pretty awesome office spaces using an armoire. AND...the best part is you can close the doors! :) Just a thought.

    Good luck! :)

  9. Your house list looks like mine, we have so much to do in our new house it isn't even funny. I just keep reminding myself, one thing at a tim.e

  10. Love the goals and can't wait to see them- Love everything you've done so far! How do you have time with the stinkers?? :)

  11. Love the goals and can't wait to see them- Love everything you've done so far! How do you have time with the stinkers?? :)


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