Friday, January 6, 2012

All I can think about is Sour Patch Kids

A random list, because that is about all my brain is capable of today. . .

1.  I was just telling Adam this morning that I literally have nothing to write about because I cant think about anything except how much I want sour patch kids. Probably because my body is wondering what happened to all the lovely chemicals and vast amounts of sugar I used to consume . . . So far we haven't had any sugar (or anything white or processed) for 6 days. And I also haven't had diet coke since 2011 (that sounds so much more impressive than just 6 days right?) We are basically doing the paleo diet, although after the 2 weeks we will probably add back in some whole grains and legumes (which are not a part of the paleo diet). Adam has made some delicious paleo recipes from here if you're interested. I especially highly recommend these bacon-wrapped sweet potato fries. They were literally one of the best things I've ever eaten. We were having a hard time resisting the sugar that day, and we decided to go all out and melt cheese on top too. Umm, hello delicious.

2.  Several of y'all have asked me about the necklace pictured in this post. It was a gift from some sweet friends, one of whom I've only met through this blog. Seriously, you new blog friends are such a gift to me. For realz. Anyways, Adam tracked down where they got it for you, and here it is if you're interested. I love it and wear it almost every day.

3.  We have also been working on setting some house-related goals for the new year. Because we sort of renovated-moved in-had Caden-spent 3 weeks in the hospital-dove into ministry, and inevitably left a whole lot undone . . . I'll put together an entire post describing those soon (hopefully), but just know that they involve chickens. Yup, Adam is currently planning our vegetable garden and chicken coop. Let me just tell you also that I only agreed to chickens warily, on the agreement that I wouldn't have to go anywhere near them. Because birds scare me. The other day, Jayci and I were in a parking lot with a large number of pigeons and Jayci said, "mommy, look at all those birds. . . do they make you a little nervous?" Yes Jayci, yes they do.

We did finally get a new rug with Christmas money. And Jayci informs everyone about the new "no food or drinks on the new rug" policy. Because our last rug had many a stain from coffee, milk, yogurt, spit-up, dog mess . . . you name it, it was on there. Now I feel like we can finally invite friends over without being ashamed if they sit on the nasty rug. We got the rug from RugsUSA and I was totally pleased with everything from the price to shipping to how it looks and feels.

I also threw up a gallery wall in Jayci's room yesterday. I've been wanting to hang pictures in there and was waiting and waiting for Adam to have time to do it when finally I just decided to do it myself. I did nothing you should do when creating a gallery wall. I basically just started hanging with the middle-bottom picture and built around it. I measured nothing and did it all by eye with no pre-planning (welcome to my life), so luckily I'm happy with how it turned out. I wanted to leave room to grow also because I love pictures and art and I am totally happy with completely covering this wall at some point. I'm determined to get Jayci and Caden's room finished in the next few weeks so hopefully I can do a full reveal soon.
(oh and that's "Katie," Jayci's male fish who she named herself in the bottom corner, which is Adam's addition to the gallery wall.)

4. Caden rolled over this morning for the first time. I feel like every milestone is such a celebration with him, I was so proud of my strong little man. I tried to get him to do it again so I could video it for y'all, but he wasn't having it. I'm sharing the video anyways because he is just too cute trying his hardest, and drooling too. Also, he TOTALLY has old-man-hair. He's got a sweet receding hairline (and an awesome bald spot in the back) plus these random long straggly hairs all over that show up nicely in this video. I, personally, think it's cute . . .

5. Jayci loves playing with cars and trains, which I think makes Adam's heart happy. He has been telling me a lot lately how he is in trouble because Jayci just has him so wrapped around his finger. I love that.


  1. I LoVE your gallery. And you. And y'all!

  2. Okay so just this very evening I was shopping at rugsusa and saved that exact rug in that exact color to use in our office. Thanks for that perfectly-timed review! Also, we had chickens growing up and my parents have some now and they are so fun. They even have little personalities and they eat all the bugs in your yard. You might even like them! Loooooving that gallery wall!

  3. Cute update and I love the gallery wall you put together. Great job!!

  4. the gallery wall looks great! i did mine the same measuring or preplanning. it's much more adventurous that way :)

  5. The gallery wall looks amazing!!! I'm so impressed you didn't measure at all!

  6. That rug is v. fancy. I adore it.

    Also, I am loving how Jayci is regulating on no food or drinks on it.

  7. LOVE the gallery wall you did! I want to do one downstairs eventually.


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