Monday, December 12, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas in the Hood

Welcome to our little home. Our house is really not THAT little, but it certainly can feel little when it's just bursting with kiddos and friends. Which I love, but it makes "Decorating" a tricky balancing act between creating a cozy, beautiful space and making things family-and kiddos-friendly.

Since it's our first Christmas in this home, not to mention a Christmas that is viewed through a new lens after everything with Caden, I've absolutely loved making things festive around here. Although, more than anything else, we are focusing on making sure our house is full of JOY.

Decorating cookies, aka throwing sprinkles and spreading icing all over our house.
 Our Christmas cards strung across the barn door that still has no hardware . . . see how few cards I have? Send us more!
And here's our mantel and Christmas tree. Which is really the extent of our decorating this year.
Although I did throw in a few little berries/greenery/etc throughout the living room. Because why not?
This is in our dining room. Again, not the not-working-but-will-be-amazing-one-day barn door, currently serving as a Christmas card display.
 Twinkle is hanging out still. Although most days we forget to move him or anything. Jayci just thinks he's a lazy elf.

 Bye-bye now! Thanks for stopping in. Oh and in case you are wondering, you are LITERALLY always invited over . . . our house is always open! :-) Well, besides Monday. That's family day.
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  1. gah. I always forget that I can't comment under Networked Blogs if I come in via FB, and then I get mad. Until I realize that I can just come in thru the search bar. *sigh* I'm so creeeeeaaaky.... !
    Please do have a wonderful Christmas! And please do message your address to me on FB so I can send you a card!!!!

  2. Simple but beautiful! Love the elf on the light and your Christmas card display. I am always at a loss trying to figure out how to display mine so they normally go in a basket. =P

  3. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!!

  4. Looks great! And you know what, that door is perfect for displaying cards! Thanks for sharing! :) ~Frances

  5. Had to smile at the card display; I was just talking to my hubby this week about how my Mom used to display the cards---she did it same as you! Love your happy tree too! The elf brings back memories too.

  6. Love your house tour! Your mantel is wonderful and looks so festive!

  7. Your home is lovely! I especially love your fresh green wreath!

  8. Your house looks like such a happy, joyful place.

  9. Love Twinkle hanging from the lights :)

    Also...I saw my Christmas card and smiled! Love being your friend, Becca :)

  10. lol! I grew up with a silvery Twinkle!!! So seeing your little guy sitting up there on the light made me smile! :) There's nothing better than a house full of friends and family this time of year. Hoping that your Christmas is full of joy! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Beautiful! Love the barn door. I might steal that idea in the future ;)

  12. I like the JOY letters on your tree and that gorgeous evergreen wreath on your front door.

  13. your home is beautiful! i love the colors, and it looks amazing for christmas! gorgeous family, too! :)


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