Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Merry Christmas to All . . .

We are in the last-minute (of course) process of mailing out our Christmas cards (along with newsletters for our ministry). However, we're having a heck-of-a-time trying to round up all the addresses etc that we need. So here's my proposal: If you would like to get one of our Christmas cards/newsletters, send me an email at Becca1612 at hotmail dot com with your address and we will get one out to you asap!

I have lots of fun designing our Christmas card every year, so I dont want to share it on here yet until I get them in the mail (dont hold your breath, who knows how long that will take!) But in the spirit of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, here's a few of the cards I've come up with in years past. Also, I'm about to cry about how wittle-bitty-baby Jayci used to be. Now she's grown. And I'm sad about it.

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  1. Where do you have them printed when you design them? Is it on cardstock or photo paper? I'd love to do that again for baby announcements but I want heavy cardstock this go round.


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