Monday, December 19, 2011

A fire pit, kickball, and the best pictures ever.

Considering I still haven't finished stuffing, addressing, and sending my Christmas cards, I don't have much time to chat with y'all on here because I simply must get back to work on them or I will literally not get them out before Christmas. Shocking, I know.

I did want to share a few whole bunch of pictures from our weekend. Actually, these are just from Sunday. Some folks from our church in the suburbs (we have a church down here too) came and built us a fire pit. We've been wanting one so we can roast marshmallows etc with the kids. We played kickball, made hot dogs over the fire, hung out with friends, and met even more of our neighbors (score one for the fire pit operating exactly how we intended), made smores, and drank hot chocolate. Sadly I had no smores, mainly because I caught one of the kids BITING off a marshmallow from the bag, which had become a big mass of one giant marshmallow. And well, I'm no germ-phobe but that's just wrong.

Here's some of the little punkins hard at work on our fire-pit. Hooray for helpers!

Meanwhile, there was also a rousing kickball game going on at the park.
 Rounding the bases in his rainboots. . . love it.
Here's Jayci running the bases. I wish I could figure out how to do video on my camera so you guys could have seen this. She circled the ball carefully when it was pitched to her, before kicking it away from the field behind home plate. Then she ran giggling to first base, dressed in her pink sweatpants,  brown ballet flats, and hand-me-down blue sweatshirt. And my heart melted even further when as she was running the bases, one of the kiddos yelled out: "take it easy on jay ok?"
Then we headed back to our newly built fire pit and benches (pretty sweet right?) for roasting hot dogs and mashmallows.

 Jayci stole my sunglasses to block the smoke from her eyes while she roasted a hot dog she didn't even want to eat.
She did, however, want to eat her s'more. Shocking. 
After everyone had eaten their fill, we headed back to the park for more kickball and ultimate frisbee.
 Jayci just cheered everyone on this time.
And what was Caden doing all this time? Being cute as usual. Seriously, are these not the cutest pictures ever? Mr Man is getting more and more personality (and also more drool) every single day.


  1. Okay so all of those photos are precious and I love the new fire-pit but I cannot handle those photos of the little man...he is too stinkin' cute!!

  2. I want to come and live in your hood : ) Right next door. I have this one teenager I want to bring home with me from work. I really am not allowed of course, but GOSH darn it! I miss having extra people around. The house isn't the same without Juan. Your kidgets are so cute, cute, cute. I love the rainboots. And I LOVE your fire pit : ). Thank you for shining the light for Jesus in your neighborhood. You are an inspiration.

    PS The baby is beyond delicious!

  3. I laughed out loud at that first picture of Caden -- priceless. And Jayci cheering everyone on and eating her s'mores...adorable. I loved, loved seeing you this weekend! And I spent some time today praising God for your sweet son and praying about his left ventricle. Your family is simply wonderful!

  4. I now want a smore :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He makes it cute... I'm usually gagging at the site of drool :)

  5. I love it when you post pictures. Also, I now super want a hot dog and a s'more.

  6. Love these pics!! and your lil man is just sooo adorable!! I've been catching up over here and oh my word I am praying so hard for all of you!! Praying for sweet Caden


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