Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Update, In List Form

1 - Remember how Caden was waking up to eat every two hours? It hasn't stopped. And it's seriously messing with my brain's ability to function. As evidence, I originally typed the first sentence as "Adam was waking up every two hours to eat." Which would be hilarious if he did. And also convenient, because then he could also feed Caden for me.

2 - Jayci has slept through the night the last two nights. So without jinxing it, I'm going to put it out there and say I'm hoping it's a trend. Luckily, my grandmother is visiting from Canada and brought Jayci some delicious Canadian candy (which I'm obsessed with and is one of the top 5 things I miss about Canada). We told her she could have some in the morning if she didn't wake us up all night. Here's hoping bribery pulls through for us again.

3 - Speaking of Jayci, her mysterious fever has now been gone for a week. We will talk to the doctor tomorrow, and probably have her blood drawn again to make sure her elevated numbers have gone down. That would mean they were elevated as a result of the virus and not some underlying issue. I'll keep you posted on that situation.

4 - Speaking of fevers, Caden has one. It's not nearly as frighteningly-high as Jayci's was, but it's been hovering right around 99-100 the last few days. And pretty-much anything abnormal when it's related to health is frightening for me with Caden. He is having his first Synagis injection (vaccination again rsv) tomorrow, and we will talk to the doctor then. And again, I'll keep you posted. But please be praying it's nothing, and that his fever doesn't go up. Because when I talked to the doctor when Jayci was sick, they said they "think his heart could probably handle a high fever." And it turns out that "think" and "could probably" aren't my favorite words in this situation.

5 - Adam has been in the kitchen all day whipping up some amazing dishes for our Thanksgiving meal for neighborhood kiddos tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we will have large quantities of children showing up to break bread with us and give-thanks. And if not, we will have enough food to last us for a very long time. Which is great news.

6 - If it sounds like Adam does all the work around here, that is absolutely not true. Ok maybe a little true. But I am primarily responsible for feeding Caden, which means that I'm also making lots of food right? I've also been taking lots of pictures. It's Christmas card season, after all. And since posts are boring without pictures, here's a few from my latest shoots.

*An Addendum (aka the one thing I meant to write in this post but completely forgot to include originally):
7-We are SO SO incredibly grateful for the response we've gotten on the CICU baskets we want to make. The ways that y'all have stepped up to help have just blown us away! We have homemade blankets, goodies, burp clothes, head bands, notes . . . Not to mention so many people who have contributed to allow us to purchase things like gas cards, starbucks cards, parking passes etc. We will keep you posted on the process, what we're including etc. And we also wanted ya'll to know that these baskets are an exciting way for us to feel like we're honoring Caden, but they are not just from our family - they are from all of you! Your prayers and love and encouragement helped us through a really hard time, and we want to share that with others. That said, we've had lots of amazing "heart families" who have contributed already, and I think it will be really special for families in the CICU to see that others have walked the path they are on. If you want to help or contribute, dont forget you can email me at Becca1612 at hotmail dot com. And we will probably deliver them right before Christmas, so you still have lots of time!


  1. Bribery works great in our house : )
    Love the pictures so much!

  2. Please write a book...with pictures. Your
    story and writing skills would make a great book

  3. Would this Canadian candy be coffee crisps? Because I would do almost ANYTHING for those. :-)

  4. My husband does a lot of the cooking in our house too! I'm a working mom, and when I get home my kids want me and get under my feet too much in the kitchen. Dinner gets on the table much faster with my husband at the helm! I hope your daughter stays healthy! We just went through a bunch of illness & tests with my almost 3-yr old...which resulted in a diagnosis of Periodic Fever Syndrome and she just had her tonsils out--which will hopefully help. They also checked her for Juvenile Arthritis and there was some other disease that involves fever and achy joints but I can't remember what it is. All the bloodwork is TRAUMATIZING!

  5. Oh my gosh. I remember nursing Ezra and waking every 2-3 hours made me cry in the nighttime. I struggled with it so, so much. I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping that little man's tummy decides to hold him over longer.

    Also, praying that Jayci keeps sleeping like a champ and that Caden's fever vanishes.

    One more thing! You are so crazy talented with your photography. Those images are so amazing, Becca. Love them.

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