Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm certain that every single post on every single blog today is going to be about thankfulness and how thankful we all are . . . And I apologize for the redundancy, but I simply cannot allow today to pass by without acknowledging all that I have to be thankful for today. Each year, I write a post on Thanksgiving about how this year, I am the most thankful ever. . . And I mean it every year. I feel like our capacity for thankfulness continues to grow the more you practice it. Once I notice those things and people around me with gratitude, my eyes are opened to even more blessings in my life.

This year, of course, every single day feels a little bit like thanksgiving. My heart fairly bursts with gratitude each time I snuggle my little Caden. Or play in the warm sun with my sweet Jayci. Each time I drive around my block, or hear the knock of the kiddos on my door. When I sit in our new living room and rock Caden while Jayci sings at the top of her lungs, I cannot describe how grateful I feel.

And especially, I am grateful when I realize afresh the goodness of God.

It's a weighty thing, this Goodness. It fills the days and anchors my heart, even when I get caught up in the craziness. When there's 27 people in our house for a thanksgiving meal: neighbors and kiddos and friends . . . It's chaos, and yet I am still anchored in the midst of it all by gratitude for His goodness. And I steal away for a few minutes of quiet while I feed Caden. I breathe in and out His Goodness, lifting prayers of thankfulness that Caden is well. Thankfulness for normal things like colds. Thankfulness for His abundant provision that allows us to share our home and meals with so many. And even thankfulness for three-year-old temper tantrums. I am grateful to have a girl who is healthy enough, independent enough, fearless enough to disagree with me. . . .

And when I forget, when I lose sight of the Goodness, I am reminded by an encouraging note or email from one of you. Reminded by the sound of Caden's cries, his lungs healthy and strong. Reminded by the family that surrounds us loudly and completely. Reminded by the smiles and nods from drug dealers on the corner. Reminded by the phone calls wishing happy thanksgiving from our kiddos. Reminded by the sunshine streaming and warming between my shoulder blades. Reminded each moment that I am thankful, and that He has given us many reasons for giving thanks.

Not the least of which is a feast made by my fantastic husband and pastry-chef sister. Just sayin'


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family! I came across your blog through Samuels Heart blog and I'm kinda obsessed with your family (not in a weird ! Your faith is inspiring. Your kids are so darn cute! Thanks for being such a shining example of being a Christian. May God continue to bless you.

  2. You have the most wonderful attitude and are such a very giving and loving person. I know that all the people you are helping are very thankful that God put you into their lives. Carla and I are so in awe of all you do for others. So glad you had a very happy Thanksgiving!


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