Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving(s) in pictures and captions

I feel as though I should begin this post with a warning: I take too many pictures and sometimes can be am almost always a little wordy.  Our Thanksgiving break was so jam-packed, that I feel as though this double-whammy might be especially terrible for this post. Feel free not to read on. I wont be offended. Unless only 2 people comment, and then I might feel sad and realize that I'm writing all the words and taking all the pictures for only four people, including my mom and Adam's mom.

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice. With two equally ginormous and complete Thanksgiving dinners. Adam deserves a big shout out for cooking two Thanksgiving meals. I, for one, am totally impressed. And feel so grown-up that we cooked this turkey all by ourselves (do you like how I used "we" there?). Isn't it pretty? (and if you  look closely, you can see a portion of Caden's own Thanksgiving Feast of GERBER GOODSTART. Yum).
The first Thanksgiving meal was the one we hosted at our house for some of our neighbors and neighborhood kiddos. We had 27 people in attendance for this feast. That's a lot of folks crammed into our not-so-large house. Not to mention that we would have had even more, but several children left before they ate (as a result of their inability to stop all the fighting).
Somehow, everyone had a seat. And we ate all the food save a small portion of turkey. Loaves and fish I tell you.

Love these kiddos. Particularly the sunglasses which have been converted to winter glasses by the removal of dark lenses. Genius.
And here is my balding little man with a receeding hairline. Look how well he's holding up his cute little head!
I kid you not, directly after finishing cleaning up after this feast, Adam headed to my parents' house to brine a turkey a la Pioneer Woman. Impressive right?

The next morning, we all went over to my parents house so Adam could finish making the feast, and so Jayci Snow White could play with her "friends" in the yard.
And also so that Caden could hang out with Oma-Oma (my dad's mom). Love her.

Jayci was apparently happy about the second Thanksgiving feast. I'm telling you, I have never seen more amazingly delicious food in one place, so I can't say I blame her for all the happiness.
Oh hi there cute little turkey-butt.
Our Thanksgiving break also included a girls' night (complete with Christmas movie and crafting and popcorn) for some of the neighborhood kiddos (and also these two little trouble-makers angels).

And then Cinderella showed up to help decorate the tree.
And Caden spent much time watching the festivities while laughing, smiling, yelling, blowing spit bubbles, and being generally cute.
I realize that this picture is totally ridiculous, dark, grainy, out of focus and I'm wrinkling my nose unattractively (and also Adam looks like a total creeper) but I love it nonetheless. 


  1. I love your Thanksgiving(s) Becca. Absolutely fantastic. Your balding baby is the cutest thing around. And your princess? Stop the truck this instant. That girl is fabulous.

    I also love Adam and his brined turkey. His dark and mysterious look is totally an A in my book : ) Creeper? No flippin' way.

  2. Love it... and I love that the menu board has the word menu still written on it since 2005. That or you re-wrote it miraculously the same! ;)

    Love and miss y'all!

  3. Okay so I am comment number three...just had to make sure you had more than two ;) Loved hearing about your thanksgiving and that turkey looked amazing!!! And by the way, I laughed out loud when you said "we" cooked it :)

  4. sometimes grainy & out of focus doesnt even matter :) Its a great picture! :)

    All of them are...

    I love all of Jayci's Princess pictures... gotta love a girl that can pull off any princess!

    & a turkey on Caden's butt? OH MY - how adorable!!!!

  5. I love reading your blog, I worked as a cit at camp grace this past year and i found your blog one day it brings such joy to my day. Thank you. I am praying for you, your family and your ministy daily. :) I love the pics so cute.

  6. The pictures are adorable, as always. Love them all! I also love, love, love the Pioneer Woman and all of her delicious recipes. I am always whipping something of hers up!

  7. Alright, I'm already comment number 7, so fear not. Thanksgiving looks like it was amazing!!!

  8. You can never take too many pictures! I love seeing how Jayci and Caden are doing!! The turkey looks delicious by the way!

  9. I love that you called your husband a creeper. It made me laugh out loud.

    : )

  10. Pretty much what Thanksgiving is ALL about, right there in one post! Family, friends, sharing, loving, giving, playing, laughing, enjoying... and woven through it all, Thanksgiving. Love coming here, because I always leave with a very real sense of how we should all be living our lives....

  11. Gorgeous. All of it. You inspire me, girl.

  12. What Thanksgiving beauty! (and PS- I'm a fellow nose crinkler. It's compulsive)

  13. What a beautiful heart you have, friend.

  14. AH-mazing you are! Have to say - I love reading your blog and get excited when I see it's been updated. Love your pictures. I'm the paparazzi too - just don't seem to have the time to post them anymore! So wish we were closer to Atlanta - I have a feeling we'd hit it off. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!


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