Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Lives in 140 Characters or Less

I like Twitter (not as much as I like the little munchkin laying on his playmat and making cooing noises right now, but still). If I'm being honest, I'm not an *awesome* twitterer (tweeter?). I don't tweet a whole lot. I'm a little afraid of Hashtags - they intimidate me. And I often forget to respond when people "mention" me. But I do like following people, and getting little snapshots into their lives. Especially people who make me laugh (like my sister).

And I thought that maybe some of y'all who aren't on Twitter might want a little snapshot of our lives as well. Besides, where else am I forced to be so concise and pithy?
So without further ado, I give you a glimpse into our lives via my tweets from the last few days:

*You can tell what our neighborhood's like by the # of z's replacing s's in signs/names. Like the Speak Eazy next to the Salon and Cutz.
*The amount of laundry that currently needs to be done (not to mention folded and put away) is bordering on absurd.
*Just saw a guy walking down the street carrying a flat screen tv on his shoulder like a boombox circa 1985.
*As Jayci says: "he's a happy happy boy"
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*Want a quick way to undo all your hard work cleaning? Have 2 teen boys spend the night. Then let them play with your 3 yr old all morning.
*Jayci's "quiet time" consists of her singing loudly and yelling to see if she can come out yet.
*Cleaning day attire includes a dancing skirt . . . Naturally.
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*Sometimes I like to have pumpkin spice cake with whipped cream for breakfast.
*Whenever Adam locks our car he makes a sound like the alarm is being set . . . I think he has all the would-be thieves fooled.
*When we get pizza delivered in our neighborhood, the delivery man honks and we have to come out and get our pizza. I blame the drug dealers on the corner.
*Adam just made himself a peanut butter, honey and chocolate cookie sandwich.
*Chocolate cookie making time :-)
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*Every day around 4, jayci changes from my sweet baby to girl-who-didnt-nap-but-clearly-should-have. And good heavens, it is not pretty.. . . 
*Caden and I are hanging out in our room, bc there are MANY teenage boys from the neighborhood watching the Falcons game in our living room.
*Jayci just informed me, "you need to clean under your bed. It's all messy-uppy." I know, I know. I just prefer to ignore it.
*LSU scored and Jayci said "yay kitty cats" . . . Close enough right?
*Somewhere in the depths of my car is a toy that plays music every time I turn or go over a bump. Its driving me crazy.
*The messiness of our car has reached a whole new level. It's impressive really.
*Three year olds are a delight.

And here's a few of my all-time favorite tweets, mostly from back in the day. But I still feel as though they offer some insight into us and our lives. So I'm sharing them with y'all.

*It seems my life has come to this: Cleaning up bodily fluids from dogs and children. Joy.
*Adam is singing christmas carols. Loud and high. It's so lovely that the dogs started howling along.
*Adam just said: "I feel like you're mad at me because you don't want cheese dip."
*Got the windows busted out the car. For realz though.
*I may or may not be eating my bagel with my sister's homemade cream cheese icing rather than actual cream cheese. Don't judge.
*Sitting here in a UGA snuggie eating cookie dough, watching Extreme Home Makeover; that sounds a little pathetic now that I think about it.

*Adam and I are playing scrabble against each other online. Could we be any cooler?
*Oh hello there empty laundry basket, I don't believe we've met before.
*I've said it once and I'll say it again: someone needs to start a fountain diet coke delivery service. Preferably a free one.
*Just got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go to the gym. Unfortunately, I am extremely busy eating a large piece of cake.

So I just read over ALL my past tweets (there are 1137 of them). I cried through the ones during Caden's time in the hospital. That was scary y'all, seriously.

And then I realized that I tend to tweet a lot about food, and also how badly behaved Jayci is. I apologize for that trend. The truth is that she's not really bad very often. I just tweet about it when she is. It's my passive aggressive way of dealing with it. Nice parenting strategy right?

Do y'all have Twitter? Let me know your Twitter name so I can follow you if you do!


  1. Okay, so I am one those stalkers that is coming out of the wood works :) I have been following you guys for a while and have been praying for you quite a lot! I agree with you, tweets, esp hashtags scare me b/c I feel like I don't have anything good to say! I have two little ones, so I can totally relate to you! Anyway...I follow you on twitter and you can follow me if you want: lauraforman920 :) Nice to "meet" you by the way :)

  2. LOVE this!!! You know I do, haha!!!!! :)

  3. Oh, lordy, do I love the Twitter.

    The Jayci-quiet-time-shout-outs made me laugh when I first read it.

  4. I think I've only commented once, but I've been following for a short time. Your tweets are funny - abd oh-so-honest! (mist of mine are related to sleep-deprivation, since my 10-week-old has been anti-sleep up until recently.) you can find me on twitter @jaimemckee. :)

  5. you totally have a gift in writing! love this post!

  6. I feel the same way you do about can I possibly squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters or less? Even the Twitter name I wanted to use was too long (Ketchupwiththefrys), so I had to go with KWTFrys. Love your blog!

  7. Very fuuny and it for sure made me giggle reading your "trweets"! Ha!!

  8. OK, I don't know you, but reading this totally makes me wanna get on Twitter and follow you! Maybe because I can soooo relate.
    PS - now I am hungry.


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