Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ok, are my kids the cutest or what? We borrowed both these costumes from friends, and as soon as we put that chicken one on Caden we knew it was perfect. Seriously, look at him. Adorable . . .

 My husband looks frightening.
 Some of our new neighbors tagged along with us trick or treating. Despite the wings on his hat, Tre-Tre assured us that he was actually a dead policeman. Hmm.
 Jayci and her BFF Ava. . .
 Jayci and her friends checking out someone's halloween decor.
 Caden the Chicken and Jay the elephant - so cute.
And once again, Adam scares me.


  1. They are the cutest, cutest, cutest kids around : )
    Kaish was a hairy ape man. I think. We got the costume at 4:30 and left for trick or treating at 5:30... I have 0 pictures. Well, that isn't true, I have like 80 pictures of black night sky and some soft porch lights and shadows. True story. : )

  2. sigh. if they were cuter no one could stand it! absolutely, crazy cute! so thankful to see blogs that just look like "normal" life ...

  3. agree with karen and happy halloween..

  4. OH MY WORD!!! those costumes are the cutest... until we get to the mask Adam has on... stuff like that freaks me out!!!!! I'll take cute & furry costumes on kids more then freaky, scary masks on adults anyday! :)

  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness. Your last line in that post made me snort laugh an awful lot.

    And there is nothing better than that little chicken and that little ladybug. Love.


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