Monday, November 7, 2011

Around the House: Sneak Peeks

I know, I know, I totally promised y'all more house pictures. I think I may have even mentioned a tour at some point. But I apologize because we just don't have any other rooms finished yet (besides the kitchen, which you've already seen). Not to mention that there are usually approximately 27 children in our house at all times, making picture-taking a near-impossibility. Also making it impossible to keep things clean. We did, however, designate Monday as both "family day" and cleaning day. Which means that the rest of the week, I leave all messes thinking either a) we just cleaned or b) we will just wait until next Monday when we clean again. Good strategy right?

Anyways, despite not having a full room/house tour for you today, I did want to post some sneak peeks of little pieces of our house that ARE presentable. Explanations, DIY instructions etc to follow. Someday.

Our "family rules" poster. Which we make the kids read all the time. Someday we will get a nicer frame, one that doesn't look like we're in a college dorm.

And the cutest accessory in our house . . . Right? That tongue is killing me, and the spit bubbles are constant.
Jayci loves family day, and she even loves helping clean. Particularly when we put music on and she wears her princess skirt (which is every week). Every time one of the kiddos rings the doorbell, she yells out: "it's family day!"


  1. Oh! I just love her. And I adore your sparkly clean house. How fantastic are you. My house looks that nice like one day a year. Or less. As I type I have 7 boys wrestling in the living room. Did I ever tell you how much these boys smell? It's a new thing we are just experiencing this year. I am sure they smelled before but this year they are really smelling. Puberty perhaps?

    Your house looks sensational. The kids are the cutest.

  2. You seriously have such great style! Love everything! It looks perfect!

  3. Love the sneak peek! I'm putting a few up tomorrow!

  4. You tell 'em, Jayci! Love it.. beautiful home filled with beautiful hearts! :<)

  5. I want that poster!!!!

    Love your collage of picture too on your wall. My husband refuses to let me do anything like that. He hates pictures everywhere... which bites for someone like me who would have ceiling to floor pictures if I could!

    I still cant get over how much those kiddos look alike!!!

  6. LOVE it ALL!!! Especially those cute kiddos!!!!!!! :)

  7. I love Caden's little face in that first picture.

    And you have great taste.

  8. I truly think I have fallen in love with your family. I am a PCICU nurse that started following your blog shortly after Caden's birth. He is a beautiful little miracle!


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