Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday morning comes quick these days, doesn't it? Actually every morning comes far too quickly - before I've had anywhere near enough sleep to face it . . . And we're about to leave to go to Caden's doctor's appointment. It's just a routine pediatrician this time, next week he goes back to the cardiologist. It's actually his two month check-up. Which seems absolutely insane, I cannot even begin to fathom that he's already two months old!

Friday night we ate dinner (Mexican - hooray for tacos and cheese dip!) with my parents and sisters. And then came back here and sat out on the front porch. Oh how I love people-watching. Too bad it's getting quieter on our corner these days now that it's getting colder.

Saturday, we went to Sabo's football game. Granted, we were there about an hour late and only caught the last twenty minutes. But welcome to our lives, it's LIT-RALLY impossible for us to get anywhere on time. Ever. However, it was totally worth the $20 admission for Sabo to know that we cared enough to be there. And also to see Jayci dancing and cheering for Sabo. And also to see our little buddy in his sweet hat. I'm loving this colder weather.
On Saturday night, Jayci spent the night with Adam's parents, Adam had a game night with neighborhood kiddos, and I went with some friends to a craft show and to eat Mexican food. So basically, it was a perfect night! It was good for my heart to spend some time with good friends, especially because it was my first time doing something like that since Caden was born.

Sunday we went to church, picked up Jayci, and then went to church again (church dinner). It was a great day and a wonderful weekend. In between all of those things, we hung out with kiddos on the porch, enjoyed the cooler weather, and watched some episodes of The Wire. We're crazy like that.
Speaking of crazy (and I mean seriously crazy), it turns out that someone is pretending to be me on facebook. Like posting pictures of my kids, copying my status updates and everything. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Ick. I cant imagine why anyone would ever do anything like that. And particularly, why anyone would pretend to be ME. Weird.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend, besides the Facebook creeper!!! Yikes!! :/

  2. I dont get people that just want to cause problems on the internet for others. what's the point?

    The hat looks adorable on Jayci!!! :) I saw it & was like, I've seen that before - but where? haha! Hello Memory - nice to see you again :)

  3. Are you kidding me? Pretending to be you? Well, OK, I would LOVE to be you, because you rock. But I'm not, and pretending won't make it happen. Crazy... ! I haven't commented on any of her FB posts or anything, have I? me=clueless, at least sometimes. I adore the little hat, and Jayci's outfit is SO cute! Go Sabo... yes, he WILL remember that you came. And 2 months.. no way. Wow. I love watching Caden grow... such a beautiful answer to so many prayers...

  4. Cheese dip is just so fabulous. And tasty. And cheezy. Love it.

    And that snagglepussing if "you" and your pictures on FB is super creepy pete. No bueno.

  5. Ewww FB weirdness! That is creepy!!!

  6. Ok, the facebook thng is totally creepy. Ewww!! Here's to hoping they knock it off!

    Loved your post and of course the super cute pics! Glad you had a great weekend!

  7. Cute pics! Sounds like yall had a great weekend!

    And the FB thing is CREEPY!

  8. Love Jayci's little outfit at the football game. Such a stylish little girl!

    Also...crazy to me how much your two look alike!! Caden looks so much like his big sis!


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