Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

Every year, we gather our kiddos and get ourselves down to camp for their annual fall festival. In fact, fall festival 2009 was Jayci's very first outing (she was one month old). If I recall correctly, she WAILED the entire way home in the car. Yes, yes she did. So this year, we took Caden and Jayci, plus Zack and Sabo and about 12 more kiddos from our neighborhood, many of whom hadn't ever been to camp before. It was a perfect day with beautiful weather, and it was fun to see old friends and spend time with some of our new little friends too!

We ended the day a little crazily rushing home because we got a call from the alarm company that our house had been broken into. The kids from the neighborhood were all really upset to hear that, which encouraged us that they feel invested enough in our family and our lives/home that they would care about something like that. Thankfully, it was just Adam's dad accidentally setting off the alarm, no harm done. I also feel as though anyone who DID break in would be sorely disappointed by our large tube TV that emits a high-pitched noise about 48% of the time when it's turned on. And my laptop which dies immediately when unplugged, which happens often because the cord is loose and falls out regularly. 

 Zack requested that I take this picture of him holding Caden. And then he looked at it on my camera and asked if I could print it out for him so he could hang it in his room. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? Melt my heart.

On Sunday, we celebrated Adam's sister's birthday, and thoroughly enjoyed some buffalo macaroni and cheese. Adam's mom is having pretty major back surgery this week, so she requested we also take some family pictures. Please take note of Adam's face. It was an epic battle to get him to stop making ridiculous faces in every picture. Also, be sure to keep Sheryl in your prayers for her surgery on Wednesday.


  1. Holy smokes. I may have cried upon seeing that picture of Zack and Caden. Zack's eyes--there is so much there. Lordy.

    Aaaaaand then the last picture of the family and the ridiculously funny face made by your husband made me laugh.

    Good post! You got me to cry AND laugh. :)

  2. Praying for your mother in law right this second.

    I love your fall festival pictures every year.

    I also love your tube tv with the high pitch noise emittal. Very nice.

  3. I love the pictures! They are all beautiful. The one of Zack and Caden are precious.

    Will keep her in our prayers.

  4. That's a great family photo...even with Adam's face. :)

  5. Oh, that pic of Zack and Caden. And soooo precious that he wants to hang it in his room.

    Man, your kids are cute.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I have to say that you always take the best pictures.....funny faces and all too!

  7. That comment Zack made about you taking his and Caden's picture? I totally teared up. Man..


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