Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cardiologist (and Life) Update

We took Caden to the cardiologist for his appointment today. I was a little nervous they were going to tell us we had to put the feeding tube back in, because he hasn't been doing a good job eating his entire bottle lately. However, he has jumped from the 10th percentile to the 35th percentile for weight, so the doctor said not only do we not have to put the tube back in, but he also said I could try and start nursing him! All I have to say is HALLELUJAH for no more pumping. Pumping is the devil.

Caden was also pleased at the good news.

The doctor said that his incision was looking great, and that his sternum was healing well. In another week or two, we should be able to pick him up under his arms instead of only scooping him up. Which deserves another hallelujah. The doctor did, however, say that his murmur is louder than it was last time. On a scale of 0-6, his murmur is currently somewhere between a 2 and 3. They would start worrying if it gets to a 4 or 5. He said the murmur is most likely caused by the replacement valve they put in, so just be praying it doesn't get any worse. The goal is still to keep him from having to replace the valve for at least another 3-5 years.

So basically, everything looked great, and Caden doesn't have to go back to the cardiologist for another 4 months. Adam and I continue to be blown away by what a gift Caden is, and what a blessing it is that he's doing so well!

In other news, our house is officially a mad house. We are going to need to do something to figure out some sort of method to the inner-city ministry madness that currently goes on in our house 24/7. I realize that's what we signed up for, but we just need some boundaries because oh my word with the exhaustion that results from having at least 10 CRAZY children in our house at all times. I'll probably be exploring what that looks like more on here, and asking y'alls advice. Because I'm clueless currently.

Today we took a stroll down to the park. Which was wonderful. But also meant we gathered a small mob of children along the way. Jayci loves it, and she also loves getting all dirty playing at the park with her daddy. Because who doesn't love that, really?

Jayci's new little friend who said "talk to the hand."


  1. Hahahahaaaa... that last picture totally CRACKED ME UP! "Talk to the hand".. ha! More like.. "Paparazzi... get outta my face!" Becca, I have no advice to give you, because we are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Older couple, one child, living in a quiet area with few kids. I wish we could throw your life and mine in a cocktail mixer and shake 'em up; we'd end up with perfect. And I am SO glad to hear that you can nurse,and that Caden is progessing so well. I'll be praying for the murmur to stay well below the "worry" stage for at LEAST the next sixty years. That should work, right? (((hugs)))

  2. Great news about no more feeding tube or pumping! I'm sure that will help make things a bit easier. I'll be praying about the murmur. I can't get over how much he looks like baby Jayci in those photos! Thanks for all the Congrats on every social platform! Haha

  3. You and your family are such an inspiration to me...I love reading your blogs and looking at the pictures of you adorable children!! Such good news that Caden is doing so well!

  4. There's no denying Jayce & Caden are brother and sister. I think they look alot alike! Cute family...praying for boundaries:).

  5. Wow! I am shocked they're going to let you try nursing. That's incredible! Your Caden is one amazing fellow. Just imagine...if he catches on, no more washing those pump parts! :) I'll be praying that his murmur doesn't get any worse. And like others have said, your two little ones sure look alike! They have the same smile. Thanks for sharing this great news!

  6. Holy moses! Yay Caden! Weight jumps are awesome!

    And pumping is SOOOOO the devil.


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