Monday, September 19, 2011

Our weekend in pictorial review

Since I took over 200 pictures this weekend (what in the world? why would i do that? I need to work on practicing restraint), I figured the best way to show y'all what we did this weekend to celebrate Jayci's 3rd birthday was through pictures. And be warned, it will probably be a because, if you recall, I took 200 pictures.
 We started the day with cinnamon rolls. Which Adam made from scratch using Pioneer Woman's recipe. Yes please and thank-you.

And then Adam's grandparents (and parents and sister) came over to meet Caden, see our new house, and shower Jayci with gifts.

 Adam's sister got Jayci a princess costume dress-up box. Which means that Jayci spent the rest of the morning putting on different princess costumes and then having someone announce her ("another princess is coming") to the crowd so she could be applauded while she looked on with an embarrassed smile.
 Caden especially loved Snow White.

 Then Jayci chilled for a little while, ate snacks, and watched a movie. It's a rough life for a three year old.
 That evening, as per our new tradition, we had "family game night" with the kiddos. We went up to the park and watched Adam play ultimate frisbee with a large crew of neighborhood kids. I would have joined the game, but unfortunately I cannot throw a frisbee. At all.

So instead, Jayci, Caden, and I had our own little game night climbing the bleachers, trying to dodge mommy's camera, and playing with some other neighborhood kiddos on the playground.
 Again, I'm not sure how my little baby girl got SO big! And beautiful. The kids in the neighborhood are quite enamored with her, and especially with her long blond hair.
This little man gave Jayci a special present for her birthday . . . he smiled for the first time ever for her! She told me "mommy, he's smiling at me." I said "no he's not  . . ." but then realized that, in fact, he WAS smiling. I didn't do a great job capturing it because it was a fleeting smile designed for Jayci and not for mommy's camera, but you can see the tail end of it here. Gah he's cute.
 And also, look how chubby he's getting. Which is especially excellent news because his chubby-ness has earned him the right to be free of his feeding tube for good! As long as he keeps eating well, we will keep his feeding tube out. Which just makes me want to jump up and down because I'm so excited. But I'm also exhausted, so I'll probably just sit here.
 So Jayci had a fantastic birthday, I'd say. And you know what else I'd say? That I have the two most beautiful children ever! I am so so blessed, seriously.
I decided to split up the 200 pictures (oh dont worry, I wont post ALL of them . . . ) into two posts. So tomorrow? I'll share Jayci's birthday party. It was meant to be a pool party, but apparently it can be cold in September. Jayci and Ava and their daddies did brave the frigid waters, however. Adam said it was because he had insulation like a polar bear so it wasn't too cold for him.


  1. I wanted to see more : (
    These are fantastic.
    You could post all 200 for all I care.
    Your babies are absolutely scrum-diddly-umptious!

  2. Oh, Becca... I love the pictures. And big boy has his feeding tube out. Love love love!!!

  3. So happy for yall...on multiple levels.

  4. Wow. Picture #2 and picture #9 are absolutely breathtaking. And PTL for a beautiful, round big boy with gorgeous blue eyes who smiles at his sister.




  5. oh my... you know I love me a Belle costume :) I cant believe how long Jayci's hair is getting! Making her look grown up!

    Look at that little man - looking so healthy & STRONG!

  6. And what a beautiful princess she is!!! So glad she had such a special day!!! :)

  7. Awww, that is SO sweet!! Caden's smile is adorable and I love that it was for Jayci! I am so so happy for you and your fam!

  8. HI! I'm not sure if i have posted before because like you i am in a very sleep deprived state! I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU ABOUT THE FEEDING TUBE! Yes that needed all caps! I am the mama of a 32 week preemie that had a feeding tube and i know how hard it is to get off of those things! I know the feedings are still long and slow but promise it will get better!

    Oh and happy 3rd birthday to Jayci!


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