Friday, September 30, 2011

My Little Dancing Diva

I never thought Jayci would be a dancer. I mean, I hated dance class the ONE DAY that I was enrolled. I blame my lack of, ahem, grace. Oh and rhythm, I also lack in rhythm. However, Jayci's friend Ava was signed up for a dance class in our neighborhood. And Jayci pretty much loves all things Ava-related, so I knew she'd enjoy it.

They told me I had to buy her a leotard, and then I couldn't figure out if the tights went over or under the leotard. Or what shoes she should wear with said leotard. Oh man, I'm so clueless about this stuff. Luckily, Jayci's cuteness and enthusiasm more than makes up for my clue-less-ness.

Anyways, parents were only allowed to sit in on the first two classes. So obviously, I had to take lots of pictures those two classes to hold me over for her "recital." Besides taking lots of pictures, I also laughed a lot because the three year old dance class? It is hilarious and cute all rolled into one. I love it.

 This is her embarrassed face. Also, I apparently opted for under the leotard, but it doesn't look very comfortable right here . . . Hmmm.

 At the end of the class, they go around the circle and give each other "sunshine" which means they say nice things to each other. Here is Ava and Jayci giving each other sunshine. So cute.
 I think the popsicle tattoos go well with the dance ensemble.
On the way to her first class, Jayci informed me that she was going to "show them her moves." I think this is one of them. And it's a pretty sweet move if I do say so myself.

 Jayci and Ave held hands every moment that they weren't actively dancing.


  1. Cutest dancer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I can't even handle the cuteness. So sweet. She is the best thing ever.

  3. this is the sweet thing i've ever seen. seriously, SO CUTE!! the "giving sunshine" pic? i almost died.

  4. so cute! we're going to enroll ethan in a gymnastics class in the spring and it makes me giggle just thinking about how funny it will be!

  5. Giving "sunshine" has got to be one of the sweetest things ever.


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