Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jayci's Third Birthday Party

It was Saturday evening and Jayci's birthday party was scheduled for the next day when I realized that I hadn't done a thing to prepare. I had zero desire or energy to throw a birthday party at all, but I really felt like Jayci deserved to be celebrated and loved on, particularly with everything that she's been through with Caden over the past month and a half. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, we went ahead and planned a small pool party for family and close friends to celebrate our little girl turning three. Unfortunately, a cold front blew through Atlanta, making a pool party NOT the best idea we've ever had. Regardless, there were going to be twenty people or so showing up at my parents' house the next day and I hadn't done a single thing.

The funny thing was that I was ok with it. The last two years, I've completely stressed myself out enjoyed making large amounts of perfect decor, cleaning my house, making food, and picking out an adorable outfit for Jayci . . . But this year I learned something important from everything with Caden: it's just not that important. Sure it's fun, but party planning for a three year old isn't a "make or break" thing as a parent. In other words, I am NOT a bad mom because I didn't spend weeks preparing ideas I had pinned on pinterest . . . And I'm thankful to Caden for teaching me to let go a little. Ok a lot.

All that said, we still had a great party for our little pumpkin (no thanks to me, however, all the credit goes to our parents and my sisters). And I think Jayci felt special and hopefully she was able to tell how loved she is by so so many people.
 My sweet friend Allie gave us the fabulous decorations she made for her daughter's third birthday party (a few weeks before Jayci's) . . . so I only looked like I had it all together. I actually totally cheated. And I'm totally ok with it.

 My super-talented sister (who happens to be a pastry chef) made the delicious cake. Seriously, yum.

 Jayci and Ave hiding in the corner eating hot dogs. Ha.
 Samaya holding Caden, I think he likes her - and I can't blame him!
 Lots of sweet friends came to help celebrate Jay's big day - we were so grateful to everyone who made the drive!
 Love this family. A lot.
 When it was time to blow out the candles, Jayci got a little bashful. Poor thing, she hates being the center of attention (rest assured, she does NOT take after her father in that regard).
 She also had a little trouble blowing out the candles - her candle-blowing technique was cute, if not very effective.
 More party guests, being harassed by Adam as usual.
 I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but these two are a hot mess together. It's hilarious really.
Caden enjoyed the party as well. He got plenty of snuggles from all the grandparents and aunts and great-grandparents. I'm sure he hated it.
 I see a glimpse of Jayci as a teenager in this one.Which, at this rate, will be here before we know it. Yikes.


  1. aww, super sweet party!! i'm glad that you were able to put this together for her. :) she is so stinkin' CUTE!! and i don't see trouble at all. nooooooo. ;)

    happy birthday, jayci!!

    and it's good to see caden looking so alert and wire-free! :) xo

  2. Cutest 3 year old I've ever seen! Looks like she was definitely celebrated and loved on and the party was just as perfect as can be. Love all the pictures!! And love ya'll!

  3. I am so glad you had a fun party celebrating your very first baby. She is adorable and so totally loved. You are a great Mama!

  4. I know without a doubt that sweet girl felt loved on her special day!!! :)

  5. Your sweet girl looks so happy. What a great birthday.

  6. What a fun party for a sweet little girl!! Happy birthday to Jayci!


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