Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Fun

It feels like (maybe) we are finally starting to get the hang of things, and possibly settling into a little bit of a routine. I say that hesitantly, because we still aren't sleeping any more, and I dont know if we're possibly just delirious from sleep deprivation and THINK we have things together. Because y'all should see us trying to figure out the feeding schedule every night (who's going to take which shift) . . . it's hilarious really. Not that we fight over it, but just that trying to figure out the math so we both get to sleep is difficult for us. I'm going to go ahead and blame the sleep deprivation.

Plus little man is actually doing a little WORSE with his bottle-feeding this week. I think it's because he's pooping less (sorry, overshare) and really gassy and who wants to eat when you're bloated like that? I know I don't. So we'd love continued prayers that he will be able to take his entire bottle, because we would really like to get the feeding tube out!

So anyways, back to this said "routine." We feel like even though we're not necessarily sleeping per say, we are surviving enough to be able to tentatively stick our toes back into ministry in our neighborhood. We started taking walks around the block at night. And we tend to pick up an entourage on these walks, which we love.
We ended up at the park on Friday night, and it was a lovely evening for see-sawing and spinning.

 Adam particularly enjoyed the boing-y thing . . . Which the kids found hilarious.
Then on Saturday night, Adam met about a dozen kids who assembled on our front porch, and they proceeded to the park to play tag and hide and seek. It all began because last weekend we told one of the kids who comes over a lot that he could come to our house on Saturday night for a family game night (Zack was coming over to play spoons with us anyways). He told some of his friends, so we had a nice little group of kiddos playing games and enjoying the casserole we received for dinner that evening (thanks guys for providing meals - see? they're providing for kiddos in the neighborhood too, not just us!) After an intense game of spoons and some lovely popsicles on the front porch, they headed back with a promise to do it again next weekend.

We are excited about the way God is knitting us into our community. Even with everything going on with Caden, we feel certain that we are called to intentional neighboring in this community. It's just a process of figuring out how to both care for Caden and minister simultaneously to those around us.

Speaking of Caden, check out what he did while we were on our walk. Yup, pulled out his NG tube. I keep trying to explain that if he wants it out, all he has to do is drink his whole bottle. Every time. The good news is that he's gaining lots of weight with his crazy feeding schedule. The bad news is that his poor skin is a hot mess from all the tape and such. He's got some major baby acne going on right now. Poor little man.


  1. look at you guys kicking butt already!!! he is looking SO GREAT!! <3

  2. I cannot get over how incredibly cute Caden is. He has this mischievous look in his eyes already. ;-)

    And you know, getting out and taking walks and playing with the kids in the neighborhood would be a great feat for any new parent, let alone parents that have another child and have been through all that y'all have. So I give you a huge pat on the back and a lot of praisin' to the Lord who is obviously giving you guys supernatural strength.

  3. This is my first time visiting your site and MAN your kiddos are cute!

    I'm happy that your little guy is doing better. You will absolutely be in our prayers.

    He is BEYOND precious. That little face just GOT me. Sweet little soul. And such personality and spunk in his eyes already!

    Wishing you all the best as you continue to heal and grow as a new family unit.

  4. He is probably one of the cutest little boy babies I have ever seen! Such a doll! I'm continuing to pray for a full recovery!

  5. Becca - you guys are amazing! Delirium will help with thinking that everything is "ok", but then before you know it... it just might be!
    Little man looks awesome, and keep telling him that he can get rid of that tube if he starts to be a big boy and drink his bottle!! :) We are praying for you guys. Can you use hydrocortizone on him? That helped with our little monkeys' baby skin/messes. but don't know if you can with Caden... He is just beautiful, btw, and you guys are such a blessing to so many. Thank you!!! :)

  6. My heart just warms when I think about what you are doing through your ministry in that neighborhood. So incredibly awesome.

  7. Wow! God’s faithfulness is breathtaking. To see your little man looking so well and to see the neighborhood kids coming over for game night. Wow!

  8. I love that the Lord is using you in this new community in all sorts of awesome ways! Also, I'd love to join y'all for spoons :)

  9. Wow, your baby is so incredibly precious! Gorgeous photos, and what a wonderful family.


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