Friday, August 19, 2011

Pictures, as promised

I don't have a lot of words today. We are enjoying being with our boy, slightly terrified by all the medical stuff we have to learn in order to take care of him on our own, and hopeful that we might be getting to go home as soon as tomorrow!!! But I learned my lesson about getting my hopes up about when things will happen, and we are learning (again) that everything will happen only in the Lord's perfect timing.
 Be warned, these next ones are about the sweetest pictures ever - they might make you cry. Or maybe that was just me. Jayci is such a great big sister already, and my heart could not have been happier to see my two little loves together.

Here, Jayci is telling her daddy "no daddy, I got this." Do you see the look she's giving him? Intense.

Seriously, this is my favorite picture ever.

And just so we will always remember our little guy with his stitches and pacemaker . . . remember and marvel at all the miracles God did to heal sweet Caden's heart. And one day, we are praying we will be able to say that his heart has been completely healed, with no more fears of future surgeries, limitations, or complications.

"Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him,
   for he shields him all day long,
   and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders.
” Deut 33:12


  1. Precious pictures- especially with Jayci! So good to see God's faithful hand in all of this. Love y'all!

  2. those are the SWEETEST pictures!!!!

  3. PRAISE GOD!!! Oh these pictures brought tears to my eyes!! I am so happy for you guys, there are just no words to describe that grateful feeling when you know you never could have made it without Christ....I think we are all feeling a little bit of this feeling with you!

    What a TESTIMONY this little man has! I believe the Lord saved him for a MIGHTY purpose for Him!

    MUCH MUCH love!

  4. God has truly blessed your family! Take care of both of those little ones and your self!
    Still praying for your family!

  5. beautiful. of course, that is the start of EVERY comment on your pics, blog, etc. the pics are beautiful, the story of your lives is beautiful, the love Jayci already has for Caden ... beautiful ... well, you get the point!! I also loved the pic with his name sign. On slow nights when I worked NICU I made LOTS and LOTS of those ... so much fun! Praying for the next step! :-)

  6. Rebecca, what a blessing to have a day like today to sit in God's glory and hold your precious son! I am so glad to see you smiling and that Jaci is being such an awesome big sisiter! She is going to be of great help I can tell. I am praying for you to have strength and peace about taking Caden home and that you will be woderful mother (can see it in the pictures) and with God you can handle anything! I love your pictures and yes, the did bring tears to my eyes, but good tears....tears of happiness that your family is together again!!

    Blessings- Dana

  7. What beautiful pictures, Becca!!! And what FABULOUS news. So happy that things are looking up for little Caden. Continuing to pray for you all and your new journey.

    Also, Jayci looks so big holding her baby brother! So so cute!!

  8. Your little miracle baby is so beautiful!

  9. Those are the sweetest pictures I've ever seen!! So happy for your little family :)

  10. Minus the G tube and nasal cannula, he looks SOOO healthy! His color, no swelling, just a sweet baby face. Miracles really do happen!

  11. They are the sweetest pictures ever.
    Crying and crying.

  12. So incredibly sweet. God is good.

    Praying you will get to take your sweet boy home tomorrow. xoxo

  13. I prayed for ya’ll and am so glad that he is doing well.

  14. beautiful and perfect and amazing. happy tears!!!!

  15. I'm so glad your sweet baby boy is doing well!!! And yes, those photos of your two babies together are so precious!!!

    p.s. came over via twitter from @keli_h :)

  16. That last picture is a tree of life, longing fulfilled picture if I've ever seen one. Brought me to tears. PTL for Caden at home!

  17. I think the very last picture is my favorite :)

    Jayci is going to be one sassy, strong, amazing big sister!

    Love, love, love seeing Caden in your arms and laps. Those big brown eyes are the sweetest!


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