Thursday, August 11, 2011

A note from Blueprint 58

*This note is from the board of our non-profit ministry (which you can read more about on our website), they asked us to post it on the blog for y'all to read . . . thank-you again for all your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Dear friends and family of the Stanleys -

For Becca and Adam Stanley the past year has been a time of happiness, excitement and, recently, some considerable difficulty. Things have only gotten more challenging this past week with the birth of their son Caden. At one week old Caden has gone through major heart issues, surgery and questions about his future.

Many of you have jumped in to help by praying, running errands, making phone calls, and sending texts and emails. There is another way to help that would be a huge blessing: Would you consider being a supporter of the Stanley’s ministry? One time financial gifts are wonderful, but longer term, monthly support is really what they need. Your partnership would not only begin to alleviate some of their stress, but would also provide vital support to the Stanley family. Their hearts are focused on living out the passion God has given them doing neighborhood ministry to establish a mentoring program for at-risk children in the intercity. You can read more about their work at:

The Stanleys did not request that this letter be written. As the ministry board, we simply want to make sure that people interested in the Stanleys are aware of the opportunity. If you feel led to make a gift, you can write a check payable to "Blueprint 58", and mail it to the address below (this is not the normal Blueprint58 mailing address, but will make it easier for the family under current circumstances).

Morgan Chalk
4515 Gilhams Rd
Roswell GA 30075

All contributions are tax deductible and will be used to provide Adam and Becca with income in support of their family in this difficult time. Also, as you can, please pray for Baby Caden and his mom and dad as they lean on the Lord for guidance in the weeks and months ahead.

If you plan to make a gift, please let us know by email at and we will add you to the Blueprint 58 email list for future ministry updates.

Clark Turner, Jimmy Wolfe, Rick Mercer, Phil Turner, and Morgan Chalk (Blueprint 58 Board)

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  1. So grateful you have an awesome support system surrounding you. Joel and I are totally onboard for supporting you guys monthly and are just praying about the logistics right now! Love you guys!


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