Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bottles and More

Sometimes I can write nice sentences and put words together coherently. But not so much today, apparently. I blame the sleep deprivation.

I did, however, want to update y'all on Caden and life for us right now. And share some pictures. Because y'all know I love me some pictures of my babies.
Last time I updated on prayer requests, one of my big ones was that Caden would learn how to drink out of a bottle. And I have to thank you for being so faithful in your prayers, because he is making great progress in that area. At the beginning of each feeding "cycle" we start out by offering him his bottle. He is supposed to drink 60ml of fortified breast milk (over one hour when it's through the feeding tube). He has now been taking 30-40 of those 60ml by bottle before getting worn out. And a few times over the past few days, he has taken the entire bottle, meaning we dont have to feed him through the tube at all. Of course, when he does take the whole bottle it takes him an hour and a half, meaning it doesn't save us any time or buy us any sleep. . . That said, we are so so grateful he is moving in the right direction and we are hopeful he can get his feeding tube out soon!!
Jayci is still a hot mess. She's actually really sweet to her brother, she's just almost three and throws fits accordingly. We are excited that she goes back to school tomorrow, hoping it will offer her a sense of normalcy, and give us a chance to rest a little more too.
Caden has his first appointment with his cardiologist on Thursday and then another appointment with his pediatrician on Friday. We will update y'all on what we learn. We are praying that everything looks perfect!


  1. good gravy, but you do make beautiful babies!! Praying for a good eater and some good sleep!

  2. Oh my HEAVENS! I am LOVING THIS BLOG! :) Just came across it and I ADORE IT! :)

    NEWEST follower! Praying for your family! I just had a baby girl 4 months ago. My son, Tristan will be 2 next week! My husband and I are Youth Pastor's/ Master's Commission directors in Iowa. You are an inspiration!

    also. i love your name. :)

  3. continuing to pray for you guys!!! hoping he continues to be such a good bottle eater - praying that he starts sucking those down in just minutes!! xxo

  4. Stanley Family-we've never met but we have many mutual friends via Roswell Community Church. We have been praying non-stop for you since the day you all found out about your son's heart. We've been lifting you, your husband, little girl and your precious Caden up to our Lord. We know first hand what it's like to birth a son with an unexpected medical diagnoses. Our story is obviously so different but we understood a little more of how to pray for you all. Know that you are being lifted up by many. May the glory of Christ be so evident in Caden's scars.

  5. So exciting and wonderful to see these great changes happening for your sweet baby.

    I remember thinking 3's were no joke when Kaish was going through it. People had told me 2 was a nightmare, but we breezed through 2's and got trampled by the 3's....I still remember!

    Sending you love!

  6. Look how far you got already with Caden!!! Wow, he is such a wonderful boy, tackling life that amazingly.
    My experience as a pedeatric nurse is that he will soon be able to eat it all himself :)
    Give Jayci an extra big hug today, because you know throwing fits at three is bad, but there are many more worse things in the world.
    Will be praying for you all!

  7. He's still the first thing in my prayer journal :) Love that little boy!

    My goodness gracious. The picture of him looking up from the bottle? Those eyes look just like Jayci!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

  8. Praying for good news at his cardiology appointment.

    Wonderful news to hear that he is taking his bottle better. Will be saying extra prayers that he continues heading in the direction to getting that tube out!

  9. Always looking forward to the updates and new pictures of your babies. Praying everything goes well at Caden's appointments!

  10. Your boy is sooo handsome and isn;t it like a lil man to already have a scar.:) Your blog is so sweet, happy to have stumbled upon it.

  11. YAY for Caden doing better with the bottle! We are praying for continued healing.

  12. I love seeing those two together! He is starting to look so much like his big sister!

    praying for some GREAT appointments coming up.

  13. Oh my goodness, what a precious little guy! Such a strong, brave Heart Hero!

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers <3

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Becca! It's so nice to meet you. Caden is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad he's feeding well! That is such a huge deal for a heart baby. I can totally relate to how tired you must be, right now. It is one thing to have a newborn, and yet another to have a newborn that needs to have feedings and medications managed so carefully. Back in the day when I was doing that, I wish I would have asked for more help. I felt funny about letting other people clean my house, but I wish I would have dropped my pride and/or let my parents pay for a maid service like they offered. I could have used all that time I spent cleaning to get some much needed rest! Stay in touch!

  15. oh I love all the pictures! I am so so thankful he is doing well and moving in the right direction!! I will keep praying for C and all of you! Xoxo


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