Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just popping in with a quick house update. FHA apparently cancelled our loan because Suntrust took so long with the process. Cool. Now we get to start over. Well, at least we have to get the appraisals re-issued and so on and so forth. Oh and did I mention I'm about to pop and could have a baby any day now?

Again, I'm not sure what God is teaching us through all this. But I'm a little over this lesson and wish we could go on and move ahead to the next one. The good news is that we are trying to potty train Jayci right now (we kept saying we were going to wait until we moved into our house and before we knew it, she was almost three and still adamantly in diapers). So today is the day. Which means I've been cleaning up some pee. Which is also fun, and throw in some major contractions and other pains because, well, frankly I'm ginormous - and I'm in a fantastic mood. Or not at all.

It is, however, hard to stay in a foul mood with this little one running around. Currently she is "making herself all pretty so she can get married." Don't you think the Dora underwear adds a little something special to the ensemble?


  1. yeah....banks and their little loan tricks are the reason why we are STILL living in my husband's grandparent's old house TWO YEARS after selling our home. we were supposed to be here for 6 months. and we have, at minimum, at least 1-2 years longer. of course, now in hindsight, God was definitely in control because if we had a mortgage right now (austin changed jobs last year) we would be in MAJOR trouble. so, i'm having to force myself to be patient, which is NOT my favorite thing to be. prayers for the housing situation to get settled soon, prayers for a VERY pregnant mommy, and EXTRA prayers for potty training. we finally just got my son potty trained and he'll be four in september!

  2. oh gracious lands! it has got to be SO hard to know there is a big picture here even if it hasn't been revealed to you yet! i've been trying to wrap my brain around our house "issues" and grasp that God has a bigger plan here...i'm just really praying right now that it doesn't involve BIGGER repairs! but very pregnant and potty training? yes. praying praying praying for some quick resolutions and super fast learning!!!

  3. Have mercy.

    We delayed the potty training because I was pregnant with twins and then we moved the week after my oldest turned three. I was a little freaked until our wise friend the Carpool Queen assured me that he wouldn't go to prom in a pull up and that I needed to just chill.

    She is a cutie. Glad she's giving you some smiles.

  4. oh yes what a cutie she is!
    Hope the house issue resolves soon. Sometimes His plans are not evident to us, but teach us nevertheless.
    Big hugs to you, mama.


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