Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Tidbits and Links etc

I'm a little brain-fried right now (as usual I suppose) and can't seem to put anything super-coherent together for y'all . . . so for now, here's a quick update in list form, along with some links to some folks who apparently CAN put some coherent (and beautiful) thoughts together in actual paragraph form.

1- I went to the doctor today, and I'm 2 cm dilated. Which means, actually, not a whole lot. We still don't know when Caden will be here, but I'm hoping it will be soon. I'm looking forward to having ankles again.

2- Jayci decided to stop napping. Which, you know, sorta sucks. It would be ok (well better than it is now) if she decided this and just didn't NEED naps anymore, but the no napping thing leads to a hot, disastrous mess by 4pm or so every day . . . Not to mention that I'm not sure how to get a single thing done without those blissful two hours of nap time.

3-No, we still haven't closed on our house. Which is awesome. Or not.

4- Now that Caden's arrival is getting so close, we're at "home" instead of at camp. Which makes me miss all my camp friends and kiddos. But seeing as I don't feel much like I can even walk, let along play with large quantities of children . . . it's probably for the best.

5- One of my favorite blogs, Sit a Spell, is doing a series on serving the poor, particularly for those of us who are living in the U.S of A. You can read the series here, and trust me you wont regret it. Well, it might not make life easier for you, but you will be challenged and hopefully catch a glimpse of the heart of Jesus for the poor.

6- Speaking of catching a glimpse of Jesus, I never fail to be amazed by how Katie shines the love of Christ in such tangible ways. Just read this and you will see what I mean.


  1. Please tell me that you being such a beautiful photographer, got a maternity photoshoot done of yourself!!! PLEASE tell me!! :)

  2. Good luck these last few days (weeks) until he gets here. I know they are tough and you probably feel miserable but he will be here soon enough!! Im sorry you havent closed on your house... but at least you live in it!

  3. i still make my 6 year old take a "nap"....even if that means she just lays in her bed for 2 hours ;) it's THAT important to my sanity!!


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