Friday, July 22, 2011

The Banana Costume

I realize it's been all week without an update or post from me. So for those of you who still read this (hi mom!) I am STILL pregnant, and we STILL haven't closed on our house.

Despite the annoyance of the fact that I'm starting to feel as though we will never ever ever be done with this house process (Dear SunTrust, I hate strongly dislike you. Sincerely, Becca), we are still managing to have some fun with folks from our neighborhood. Last Saturday after we got back from camp, we picked Zack and Sabo because we needed some ringers for our awesome kickball team, 41 Force. Our team color was yellow, so Adam picked up a few yellow accessories for our teammates from the camp costume stash. For some reason, we couldn't convince Zack or Sabo to wear the banana costume or chicken suit. But hey, I'm just glad they lost as gracefully as they did. Our team apparently lacked slightly in the kickball skillz department. All I'm saying is that one of the teams we played had some professional kickballers on their team. Seriously, y'all should have seen this man pitch.

I really don't understand why they weren't more intimidated by us.

 Because they wouldn't let me play (hello 9 months pregnant), my job was to keep on eye on these three little rugrats. Which, I continue to maintain, was a FAR more difficult job than playing kickball in the 95 degree weather. Plus, Jayci was apparently confused as to our team color and insisted on wearing her pink sunglasses and pink helmet.
 I know they look cute, but seriously these two together are nothing short of Trouble (yup, with a capital "T").
 Luckily, Jay is just about the easiest, cutest baby ever created so he didn't contribute to the chaos caused by the other two.
 And here's a shot of the entire team following two devastating losses. I wish I could say they were close games, but they weren't. Not at all.


  1. ugh....suntrust. they are the ones who gave us so much trouble. but on the bright side....jayci is adorable and pretty soon she'll have herself a partner in crime :)

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  3. The picture of the two cuties (no, not the banana and the chicken although they are....adorable)? I was always the one on the right? The one whose face seems to be thinking, "She is SO going to get us in trouble but I know I'm going to go along with her anyway."

  4. That picture of Jayci and her buddy? ADORABLE!!!

    Hang in there momma!! Your baby boy will be here soon!!

  5. Visiting from HCB. Great pics-you have adorable children. That you would endure 90 degree temps while pregnant shows just how big of a fan you are:) Thanks for sharing! Banks--ugh!


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