Friday, July 15, 2011

3 weeks to go

We are now about 3 weeks ago from Caden's due date. And if you ask me if I'm ready for this baby, I still feel like the answer is probably an emphatic and slightly panicky "NO!" Luckily the doctor told me I'm not dilated or anything yet, so I'm hoping we at least have two more weeks to get ourselves mentally and physically prepared for his arrival. Besides, we're at camp until tomorrow and camp doesn't necessarily seem like the most ideal choice of a location for going into labor . . .

The good news is that the appraisal (remember all that drama from forever ago?) FINALLY came through at what we need it to . . . so now we are just waiting to figure out when we can close on the house. We're just hoping it will be in the next week so hopefully it's before Caden makes his entrance.

And did I mention that these two boys were with us at camp last week? I think they had fun (although remember they dont like to smile for pictures, so it's hard to tell except in the one where I caught Zack laughing hysterically because Sabo was passing gas).

And Jayci also had fun at camp. She was insistent on joining in every activity, including the food fight. She marched along in her diaper (I know, someone potty train that girl already) right behind her daddy.


  1. I guess I haven't seen a picture of the boys in awhile! They're men already!!

    And that last picture? Needs to be framed, entered into a contest, something. I just love it.

    I'm still not ready for my babies to be born and they're 7, 7, and 10.

  2. wow!! three weeks!?!?!? i can't even believe it!! and that last picture is PRECIOUS!! i love it SO MUCH!

  3. i LOVE the one of jayci marching along behind her daddy! adorable!

  4. i love that last picture! it made me giggle. so stinkin' cute :) hang in there for the last couple of week! hopefully ya'll can get settled before he makes his arrival!

  5. you are getting so close! can't wait to see pictures of Caden. That picture of Jayci is hilarious! She looks so proud to be marching with all the big kids:)

  6. 3 weeks??? such a cute cute post. :) I hope you are feeling well and that everything goes smoothly with your move and it can happen fast!

  7. That pic of J is PRICELESS! Love you friend, and praying so so hard for you!


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