Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where have you been?

I know I've been MIA the last few days - and there's a perfectly good explanation for it all. Because we have been. . . IN OUR NEW HOUSE.  Now to be perfectly honest, we've only slept here once because we didn't have air conditioning and though I like to consider myself fairly "tough" (ha Adam is probably laughing right now) I'm not 90 degree heat tough. My Canadian blood won't allow it. And also, there's some strange circumstances surrounding everything right now (just like every step of this process right?), so basically our house is empty save our bed and Jayci's bed. But nevertheless, we are finally FINALLY seeing the light at the end of this tunnel! Hip hip hooray!

I promise I'll be back soon with pictures and updates. And after I can actually move in ALL our stuff, I'll even give you the full grand tour.

Oh and so far everything is going great. We have thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on our new front porch and waving at the many neighbors who walk by on a regular basis. At all hours of the night. We also may or may not have witnessed a few drug deals already. Which means there are some things we are wrestling through regarding our stance, our position as grace-filled Christians who want what is best for people (hint: best does not equal drugs) . . . and we are also talking a lot about how to protect our little ones from an environment we feel called too and are eager to be a part of. We know they will probably see and experience more than we ever did, and that most other kids their age ever will . . . but we also know that we are serving a God who is faithful and who will provide us with the wisdom to set up appropriate boundaries and guidelines for our own kids in this neighborhood, as well as wisdom in approaching the unique situations we are sure to encounter in our new hood!
Look! I match my room :-)


  1. I love her room color. That is gorgeous : )

  2. i'm still in plain awe of what y'all are doing. i can't wait to see the next part of this journey!

  3. praying for yall every step of the way.


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