Friday, June 10, 2011

Snapshots of a Renovation

Now that this whole renovation process is drawing to a close, I'm feeling a little reflective about the journey it has been. I've been asking myself, "why did we renovate?" And believe me, I asked myself that same question MANY times throughout the process. But today, I felt the Lord nudging my heart with a slightly different answer to that question.
The heart of renovating a house is taking something that's been overlooked, abandoned, neglected, forgotten . . . and restoring it to the beauty it was intended for. Looking beyond the scars, the holes, the hurts and even the termite damage to see what lies deeper than that. Finding the value in something that others look at and LITERALLY say: "you're going to live in that junky house?" And then responding with certainty that we believe this house has worth, value, and beauty that goes deeper than what meets the eye.
And isn't that exactly what the Lord does with each of His children? I know that's what He did for me. He took the parts of me that I thought were un-fixable, the parts I fought hard not to let anyone see. And He redeemed them. He carefully restored, rubbing away grime and dirt from years of neglect and abuse, and He made those parts beautiful. Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning.
And Adam and I believe that we are being called to this very work of renovation in the hearts and lives of those in this neighborhood. To take that which has been forgotten, hurt, scarred,  neglected, abandoned and abused, and to let God redeem it. To chip away until every person sees what we see: something beautiful. Something worth saving and restoring, no matter how long or how much work it takes.


  1. Filled with excitement for you Becca. God is going to do great, great things with your family.

    People see God every day, they just don't recognize him. ~Pearl Bailey

  2. Love the light fixture. Love your words and heart behind it more. Well said.

  3. Beautiful....just like YOU! And hey....your planters look gorgeous with your new flowers!!!!

  4. and so the journey begins..... I know God has some amazing things in store...
    beautiful post!! this is going to be so good to remember when satan tries tempt through discouragement
    love you guys!

  5. I love this post! Can I link to it on my blog? (I can't wait to see photos, once all the mess with lenders and appraisals is worked out... and I know that day has to be getting close!)


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