Monday, June 20, 2011

I Heart Faces: Let's hear it for the boys

I realize it has been sweet-forever since I participated in an I Heart Faces challenge. But I am bound and determined to get my life back on track in the next few weeks (before, you know, we have another baby and I basically lose my mind in the sleeplessness that is newborn-hood). So hey, what better way to start than to try and get back into some sort of regular blogging schedule (ha like I ever had a "regular blogging schedule").

That said, this sweet new baby and daddy just about did me in completely. I couldn't help but be super-duper-excited for my own little one to make his entrance soon (but not too soon, ok buddy?)
I cant wait to see all the beautiful boy entries this week - head over to I Heart Faces to check them out for yourself!

Oh and as a completely unrelated side-note, I realize that lots of you have been asking for house pictures, and I promise that they are coming soon. Right now, however, we have nothing moved in and nothing is 100% completed and everything is a hot mess. Which, I realize, is how we tend to live most of the time anyways - but I'm determined to get things looking at least a little more presentable for y'all this week. Adam said I should I have a date for our big house tour and then y'all could have something to look forward to. But a deadline makes me nervous, because at the rate we're going we might never even close on our house, let alone get moved in and cleaned up before little man gets here. . . .


  1. OH MY WORD, what a beautiful beautiful photo!! I love all that newborn squishiness! So excited for YOU too!

  2. i am dying over here. DYING. what a sweet sweet picture, becca. i can't wait to see your new addition, either!!! :)


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