Friday, May 6, 2011

Put me in the Zoo

Jayci loves the book "Put me in the zoo" - anytime she wears polka dots, she gets really excited to be just like her book. She had not, however, been to the zoo since she was too little to remember. So when my sweet friend Allie invited us to go with them to the zoo, I knew Jayci would love it.

This morning we packed up the car and drove downtown (as usual. want to know why we have no money? reason #1 = gas). And the whole way, Jayci kept yelling "wohoo" and telling me she was so excited to see the mouse. Now I have NO clue what made her think there would be a mouse at the zoo, or who told her a mouse is a cool animal compared to elephants and gorillas, but whatev.

I couldn't help but take a few quick shots of my little munchkin waiting for her friend Catherine. But then, I sort of forgot to get my camera out most of the rest of the trip.

Could you die at how cute she is right now? Cause I could.
 Look! A giraffe. Also known as the only animal I took a picture of during our trip to the zoo.

We ended the day at the petting zoo and Jayci enjoyed brushing the goats.
And her and Catherine also enjoyed brushing every other object in the petting zoo. They ran around saying "let's pet this goat."
Thanks Allie for a fun day at the zoo!


  1. That looks like the most absolute fun day ever. To a little kid. I am so sick of the zoo. I have been going now for 11 years and honestly, if I never went again, that would be a-ok with me : ) Kaish can hardly wait to go this summer. Darn it! : ) So glad you had fun!

  2. How fun! I'm so glad that you took pictures of Jayci INSTEAD of all of the animals; we already KNOW what an elephant looks like, ad infinitum. I used to go with Adam, and I would get these great animal shots and not one pic of him. Why? You did it right... more of Miss Cuteness and less of the stinky, gnat-infested critters. :<) (and the gas... oh my goodness, it is KILLING me... !)

  3. Jayci is seriously the cutest girl!


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