Monday, May 23, 2011

The House Renovation that Never Ends

I finally have my computer back - and I feel a little bit like my lost child has returned home. Granted, it is a terribly unrepentant, irritating child who is STILL badly misbehaving . . . Some sort of virus has wormed it's way into my computer for sure. Not cool.

But onto even more depressing matters . . . I mean seriously y'all, it's been almost a year since we moved out of our sweet little house in Woodstock. I swear if I could have looked ahead a year ago and known what the year held. . . I don't even know what I would have done. Possibly run away. That said, I feel like the end is finally FINALLY in sight. Seriously, we should be done working on the house in the next week or two - and then move in shortly after that (once we are finished with the paperwork and headache that is the loan process these days).

Since I know y'all are dying to see the finished house almost as much as I am (almost), here's a few peeks at some of the work we've been finishing up lately.
Adam and his dad hard at work on those beautiful beadboard ceilings . . . yum.
And look! Our cabinets are in too. . . .Which would be a whole lot more exciting if they were the right color. If you can tell in this terrible phone picture, they are all gray - and I love the gray color- but my plan was for only the bottom cabinets to be gray and the top ones to be white . . . and I feel as though the gray just looks miserable with the "tame teal" color on the walls (which is clearly not-so-tame). And I REALLY tried to just get over it because, hello, at this point I should be happy about anything at all that happens to move us closer to actually living in our house. But I just couldn't do it with this one, so Adam and his dad are going to paint them white for me (thanks guys!)
 And this is the first time I saw any part of our house bathed in natural light. Yay for windows! Don't worry, we put the plywood back up over top to prevent any more rock-through-the-window incidents. But look at all that light! This is our bedroom, and I'm thinking curtains are a must . . .
        Let's all count down together now. One more week of work before it's all done! Knock on wood.


  1. I kind of like all gray.
    Just sayin' : )
    Are you sure you need white?
    I am excited for you Becca!

  2. It looks great!! Can't wait to see it when y'all move in!

  3. I Love It!! I can just imagine how excited you all must be! Hopefully, I'll be in town tomorrow...can't wait to see everyone and your new home!! xoxo

  4. Life is never easy, and purchasing your dream house can turn into a nightmare. When I applied for my refinancing mortgage, I almost went crazy from choosing which loan to pick. Good thing I was able to get low monthly rates. I do hope your loan applications work in your favor, and you won’t get more headaches in the future. Anyway, congratulations on your new house!

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