Monday, May 30, 2011

Electronically Challenged. Or Something

I'm not sure I can adequately convey the depths of my despair regarding all things electronic right now. I'm thinking Adam and I should go old-school-electronic-free in our new house. Which, by the way, we will be getting appraised (which means it will be finished!) in T-minus-2-days! Woo to the hoo! Why the sudden technological aversion? (and an even more pressing question: why write about hating all technology on a blog? Ironic, I know).

Well, here's the story: a few weeks ago, my computer started acting all crazy-like. And it turns out it had a MAJOR infection/virus of some sort. Don't ask me what it was - all I know is that it was serious business. And it took a long time to fix. We ended up having to back EVERYTHING up and completely wipe it clean. Totally start from scratch. Which is all fine and good right? Because now I have my computer back, and it functions without randomly shutting down or throwing temper tantrums on a regular basis. HOWEVER, I forgot to back up a few very important things. 1-All the actions/shortcuts I had created and/or downloaded for Photoshop. So those 5 photo sessions I need to edit? They are now going to take approximately seventeen times longer to finish. Brilliant. And 2-All my bookmarks on Firefox. I had saved so so so many amazing tutorials and ideas for crafts/decorating/creating in our new home. And now they're lost out in the world-wide-web somewhere. Floating around, where I cant find them back. Which means I will never be able to make my house cute. Because I am nothing if not a copy-cat. And also, prone to the dramatic apparently. Because I KNOW I just said we are finishing our house tomorrow. HELLO HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE THE LORD. But still, y'all, I felt the need to take a quick moment to acknowledge the sad loss of my online bookmarks. 

And on the subject of online finds. Can anyone tell me where I can find something exactly like this that doesn't cost $300 PER SHADE? Please and thank you.
So why else do I hate technology right now? Well, I bought a Kindle about four months ago. And I couldn't be more excited about it. I absolutely love it, and think it's going to be even more amazing when I'm breast-feeding our new little bundle. Because with Jayci, I was always trying to read my books using one hand while I breast-fed - no easy feat for someone as lacking in coordination as I am. About a month ago, tragically, my brand-new Kindle stopped working right. Its charge is supposed to last approximately 4 weeks if you dont have wireless turned on. Mine? It lasts maybe 4 hours. Plus randomly it wont turn on, and then it will decide it's feeling better and turn on (claiming it's fully charged) only to shut itself down and refuse to turn back on again. It's a delight I tell you. I actually called Amazon about it a few weeks ago and they walked me through resetting it and everything, and that helped for about three days, until my Kindle returned to it's fickle state once again.

Then this morning, I went out to start my car to go work on finishing up our house, and guess what? The battery was dead. Like really dead.

And I currently cant find my cell phone. Which happens about 45 times every day.

Ok, ok, enough complaining. Let's all focus on the positive for a minute: OUR HOUSE IS ALMOST FINISHED. Booyah. Oh and if every single one of you could take a minute on Tuesday and pray that our house appraises for what we need it to (at least 90k), then we would appreciate that so so so much. And also pray that our loan stuff works out well. Because that's the last thing we need once the house is actually finished . . . loan troubles.


  1. girl, my husband laughs at me on the daily because i'm constantly saying, "hon, can i borrow your phone to call my phone so i can find it....again?" it's a curse ;) and technology and i are rarely on speaking terms. we tolerate each other at best. so i feel ya on all of that!! congratulations on the homefront....i pray that your appraisal goes well and that you guys are happily tucked into your new home soon :)

  2. Umm I must just be copying your life... My computer is broken now too. So jealous your house is finessed... Because ours... Isn't.

  3. I am NOT a seamstress, but would it be possible to buy a plain roman shade (I got mine for a good price at J.C. Penney) and cut down some fabric to the same size and tack it to the original? I don't know if that makes sense...or if it would even work :) Good Luck and have fun in the new house!

  4. I am going to pray and pray that it appraises for way more than that : )

    That is crazy about the kindle. Absolutely crazy!

  5. you're on apartment therapy re-nest!

  6. Does your kindle have a cover on it? I had that same problem and turns out the cover Amazon sells that hooks into the Kindle will somehow electrically charge and use battery. SO, take the cover off and try it like that! Hope it works for you. Mine did and now I love reading without the cover. If you don't have a cover and it's just broken...I'm sorry :(


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